Wadi Hadad;The Lone Gunmen

No one could have predicted - eleminated traces?

Yesterday I saw "Running Man" on german cable tv one more time. You know that movie with "young" Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura.

That reminds me on the possible protective coverage of the "hijack a plane and flew it into a building" plan.

You know that one scenario "no one could have predicted" as Condoleezza Rice once claimed, besides Hollywood as shown in "The Lone Gunmen- Pilot episode" back in march 2001. But earlier ones- probably even in WTC security danger analysis- remain sealed to this day.

The same for this one:
Nothing in the movie "Running Man" is as in the famous book by Richard Bachman, that alias of Stephen King.

In the book there is a desperate guy named Ben Richards who compete for the game show Running Man to earn money. His wife does prostitute herself, and they are really in a bad situation.