Walk for Truth

Political Action Group: Support Our March For Truth


 I have had many interesting responses to our Denver to DC walk for truth. Many, have given their opinions of why it will not work but few have listed alternatives for what sort of action would be effective. Biblically, what we are doing is symbolic. I am selling my business, been kicked out of school, and preparing to endure months of hardship with my family in order to demonstrate that this nation is in danger. Yet many of you have been correct. Without a unified effort our walk will be futile.

To those who desire to be critical without their own plan of action I would encourage you to get out in your own communities and be active. Call your Representatives; keep this issue in the face of the congress. We need political action now. A large sector of the American populace understands that there is merit in our cause. Yet, they need leaders to put that information into legitimate action. We need to assault the propaganda wall in every city and state. We need voices out on the street corner. We need men and women not only to run for congress, but to continue to work with the Senators and Representatives.