War Justification

Whacking the Pinata - A Citizen's Response to Bush's War Escalation Speech

I was sitting and watching Bush's speech (1/10/07) when I decided I had to respond and break it down point by point to show people exactly how wrong I think he is.

Not just wrong as in, "in error", wrong as in "morally disgusting", "sickeningly cruel", and "deliberately deceptive".

And he used the mythic events of 9/11 as the central compelling justification for all the resulting mayhem.

So I did my best to correct the record as I see it.


Kinda like whacking a pinata with a baseball bat.


David Caputo
Totally Fixed and Rigged Magazine

I include the entire article below...

Whacking the Piñata
President George Swings Blindly at his Elusive Target

Commentary by David Caputo - Totally Fixed and Rigged Magazine