War on Terror

Unlawful war on Iran is treason; it levies war against the US, our military, and our Constitution

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Causing unlawful war upon the US is an attack upon our nation, consistent with US Constitution Article III Section 3:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.

Causing war against the US is so egregious, it’s the only crime the Founders defined in the Constitution. An unlawful war is the supreme act of betrayal against our military, and a violent overthrow of the US government as we know it by our Constitution. It replaces American limited government under law with unchecked fascism.

The heart of this charge of treason is whether war with Iran would be obviously unlawful or open to a lawful interpretation. Understanding the arguments for war with Iran and the rules of war quickly get to the heart of this crucial issue.

The current two areas of rhetoric for war with Iran are obviously unlawful grounds because they are provable lies:

Martin Luther King's plan for peace compared with Bush, Obama hypocrisy for endless wars

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The only trial on the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King found the US government guilty of his murder. Corporate media did not headline this news, and history textbooks excise this essential understanding of Dr. King’s life; providing an excellent case study of what the US Senate Church Committee disclosed as an active US propaganda program to disinform the American public. For comparison, please consider the corporate media coverage to inform in every detail of O.J. Simpson’s trials.

King’s family and attorney, Dr. William Pepper, allege that Dr. King’s speech for peace, calling upon America to end the Vietnam War, Beyond Vietnam: A time to break silence, and his plan for a 500,000 camp-in for Washington, D.C. in the summer of 1968 were a threat to dominant and fascist political factions within US government and caused orders for his assassination.

US plans "terrorist" attack to kill Americans, blame Iran, and begin another "false flag" US war

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In November I documented current and historical evidence that the US “leadership” was considering “false flag” attack plans to kill Americans, plant evidence to blame Iran, and then launch a “defensive” attack upon Iran.

Former National Security Advisor and founding member of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski, warned the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in 2007 of a false flag attack to begin war with Iran. He described a "plausible scenario for a military collision with Iran," which would include "some provocation in Iraq or a terrorist act in the US blamed on Iran, culminating in a ‘defensive’ US military action against Iran that plunges a lonely America into a spreading and deepening quagmire eventually ranging across Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

When independent journalists challenge US wars, government propagandists attack in the comments

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The US Senate Church Committee disclosed in 1975 that more than over 400 government propagandists had infiltrated American corporate media to manipulate public opinion on key policies, including war. CIA Director William Colby testified that Operation Mockingbird had been operational since the late 1940s to control what was reported through American television, newspapers, and magazines. President Ford fired Colby after his testimony and replaced him with George H. W. Bush. Bush Sr. ended the CIA’s testimony, stating that there were no other programs of concern to disclose and promised that the CIA would no longer influence the media (for Bush Sr.’s lies to initiate the first war with Iraq, click here).

Blair admits "legal" basis for Iraq war an Orwellian lie; psychopathic monster then threatens Iran

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The UK Chilcot inquiry of the Iraq war previously disclosed unanimous legal opinion in the Foreign Office that the war is unlawful. Today former Prime Minister Tony Blair testified that he authorized war when his Attorney General “changed his mind” to embrace an "interpretation" of UN Security Council Resolution 1441 that any objective legal analysis definitively proves as an obvious Orwellian lie.

Please invest a few minutes of your attention to understand the law created after two world wars that makes war lawful or unlawful. Please engage your citizenry against a lie accurately characterized as “emperor has no clothes” self-evident fact, a Hitler-sized “Big Lie,” Machiavellian, literally psychopathic, and exactly what eminent philosopher Harry Frankfurt explained in his bestseller, On Bullshi*.

All 27 UK Foreign Affairs lawyers: Iraq war unlawful. Obama, politicians, US media: no response

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All the lawyers in the UK’s Foreign Affairs Department concluded the US/UK invasion of Iraq was an unlawful War of Aggression. Their expert advice is the most qualified to make that legal determination; all 27 of them were in agreement. This powerful judgment of unlawful war follows the Dutch government’s recent unanimous report and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s clear statements.

This stunning information was disclosed at the UK Chilcot inquiry by the testimony of Foreign Affairs leading legal advisor, Sir Michael Wood, who added that the reply from Prime Minister Tony Blair’s office to his legal department’s professional work was chastisement for putting their unanimous legal opinion in writing.

The Guantánamo 'Suicides' A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle"

This following contains the full text of an 'exclusive advance feature by Scott Horton that will appear in the March 2010 Harper’s Magazine. The issue will be available on newsstands the week of February 15.'

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I believe this article indirectly implicates President Obama and the US government in continuing false flag operations and a 9/11 investigation cover-up at all costs, including murder, torture, and lies of the Obama deception.
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The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle

By Scott Horton

1. “Asymmetrical Warfare”

2008 film "Valkyrie": message to today's US military, government and public to end unlawful US wars

9/11 Blogger readers: I've added to all my articles henceforth a "Comment policy" to address our PSYOPS friends that you may find of interest at the end of the article. A strategy for all of us to consider is inviting their "Scrooge conversion" and become powerful allies from their positions on the inside. Wouldn't the irony be beautiful if the downfall of our fascist self-appointed "masters" would initiate from a controlled demolition as an inside job? In fact, I'll post a separate blog on this topic to welcome your ideas; but it is below and on all subsequent work for your consideration.

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Absorb MLK’s wisdom for ending immoral US wars: 2-minute video from "A time to break silence"

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The US government assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King; this is the verdict of the only trial of his murder and in agreement with his late widow, Coretta Scott King, family, and Dr. King’s friend and attorney, William F. Pepper.

Their analysis is that a fascist and dominating faction within the power structure dominating both political parties assassinated the Nobel Prize-winning leader for civil and human rights to prevent his planned summer march and camp-in of Washington D.C. in the summer of 1968 to demand ending the Vietnam War and fully funding domestic programs for the economic and educational advancement of Americans.

The speech that MLK’s family believe initiated government plans to silence Dr. King was delivered a year to the day before his assassination, Beyond Vietnam: A time to break silence. The speech was recorded; two-minutes are artistically played for your consideration below. The speech link contains text and the full recorded speech.

Judgment begins: Dutch govt declares Iraq war unlawful in first "Emperor has no clothes" report

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You’ll be so embarrassed in the near future if you have to admit you never learned the laws of war to add your self-expression to this “Emperor has no clothes” historical judgment of early 21st Century US history.

Imagine telling your children and grandchildren, “Nope. I just believed George Bush and then Obama. I didn’t think dying people in the Middle East worth my time to understand the issue clearly. That’s all the love I had in my heart, all the responsibility I carried for my citizenry, all the attention I had outside my little self.”

Ending mass-murder is something you want to do as soon as humanly possible.

Like now.

The government of the Netherlands commissioned a study to answer the question of legality of the US-led armed attack of Iraq (here, here, here). Their conclusion is unanimous among their panel of legal experts: there is no legal justification; the war is unlawful.

Reality check: If China "liberated" US like we "liberated" Iraq, here’s how we would look

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How bad is the death and injury toll in Iraq since the US invasion? Let’s extrapolate the data from Iraq onto the US and see the effects. Imagine that China is playing the role of the US and the US is in Iraq’s position. Several areas of data might need updating; I welcome your suggestions for any improvement.

The data: According to the John Hopkins School of Public Health published in the esteemed Lancet Medical Journal using the best academic and professional methodology, as of October, 2006, over 650,000 more Iraqis were killed since the US invasion than would be expected in pre-war conditions.[1] Despite this being the only peer-reviewed study, the US government dismissed this study without giving reason, saying that less than 100,000 Iraqis died.[2] Today, the number of violent Iraqi deaths is probably 1.4 million.[3] From these deaths, the Iraqi government reports that five million children have become orphans; horrific even if overestimated by a factor of two.[4]

Pakistan: unlawful US drone war kills 140 innocent civilians for 1 CIA-alleged terrorist

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Pakistan’s government reported US drones killed only civilians in 39 of 44 attacks on their country in 2009; with over 700 innocent civilians killed. Pakistan has repeatedly publicly denounced the US attacks, making the US guilty of War Crimes as they do not have explicit permission from Pakistan’s government.

Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential choice John McCain called the unlawful program effective and that it should continue. In Orwellian conclusion, Mr. McCain said, "We are always with Pakistan and the people of Pakistan, and our relationship does not have time limitation.” Mr. Obama must be in agreement for this prima facie unlawful program, as more drone attacks have occurred in the first year of his presidency than all years of his predecessor.

Iran again offers to halt uranium enrichment for fuel swap; why won’t US and Obama declare peace?

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Will Nobel Peace Prize winner President Obama declare peace with Iran upon their second acceptance of a nuclear fuel exchange program? Will the US corporate media headline this resolution? Will “leadership” of both US political parties announce peaceful victory?

The answer to all three is no. What will happen over the next few days and weeks is government pronouncement that this offer is unacceptable; that Iran must surrender nuclear material in exchange for a promise to receive fuel a year or so in the future from France, in direct violation of Iran’s right to an international-inspected nuclear energy program. What corporate media will not mention is France already owes Iran 50 tons of nuclear fuel, and has for 30 years. Iran’s offer to exchange unprocessed nuclear material for processed fuel they are already owed by France is more than fair. So far, an anonymous US official has rejected Iran’s offer.

US lies about Flight 253 "crotch bomber" patsy: summary of the evidence; Yemen attack implication

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The US government who lied for wars in other resource-rich countries are lying about what happened on Delta Flight 253 with an alleged underwear/crotch bomber. Below is a summary of facts reported at this time, along with a 4-minute news interview from Webster Tarpley, followed by an extensive interview of Mr. Tarpley by Alex Jones.

The longer explanations of the following bullet points are in the reporting from Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff, US Intelligence Examiner Fred Burk, Prison Planet, 9-11 was an Inside Job, American Everyman Scott Creighton, and Citizens for Legitimate Government Lori Price.

Before the flight to the US:
Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab traveled to Yemen to meet with “terrorists.” However, his mother also lives in Yemen, which could also explain the visit.

The PNAC War Expands: Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula

Whatever the connection between Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man who tried to blow up an airliner last week, and al-Qaida (whatever that is), it appears a concerted effort is being made to establish a new hotbed for al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. The press has begun using the moniker "Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula" to indicate an actual organization.

First, the airliner attack is being attributed to "Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula":

"al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula claimed responsibility for the thwarted attack as retaliation for a U.S. operation against the group in Yemen. Yemeni forces, helped by U.S. intelligence, carried out two airstrikes against al-Qaida operatives this month in the lawless country that is fast becoming a key front in the war on terror. The second one was a day before 23-year-old Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempted to bring down a Northwest Airlines flight as it prepared to land in Detroit.