Sibel Edmonds & Many In Our Government Know It

I'm not sure if this has been posted before: Everybody knows about the details of Sibel Edmonds' case. Except the public. Call Waxman, demand hearings. (202) 225-3976


Waxman to Make Announcment Early Next Week on Sibel Edmonds

UPDATE: Lukery says that it is now too late to write, and that only phone calls can help at this point.

Lukery's newest essay about Sibel Edmonds contains alot of information, and is well worth the read. (Edmonds told Jon Gold that Lukery "is the best investigative journalist out there on this case, and has done a tremendous amount of work on it.")

In the essay, Lukery states:

Sibel has briefed [Waxman's] office in classified hearings - and it appears that he is going to make a decision (& announcement) early next week about whether he will hold separate hearings into her case.

Lukery also gives more specific contact information for Waxman and other relevant Congress critters (see below).

Please note that this is not a done deal ... it is not over until Waxman makes his announcement, and I invite every person who has not contacted Waxman to do so.

The powers-that-be within the Democratic party are going to put enormous pressure on Waxman to focus on "more important things" (that is, anything other than 9/11), and to ignore Sibel Edmonds.

Call In the Bulldog

Ed Haas is on the money when he rallies everyone to contact new House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

However, it is important to also call in the bulldog. Without getting help from the bulldog, Pelosi will never listen.

Who's the bulldog?

Congressman Henry Waxman.

Waxman may be a super-nerdy looking guy, but he is the bulldog of investigations in the House. Even when there was no chance of criminal prosecutions due to the political make-up of the House, Waxman methodically documented wrongdoing in multiple areas and issued numerous, well-documented reports of wrongdoing.

Indeed, the scoop from Republican insiders before the election was that the biggest fear was Waxman being in the majority party, since he is such an investigative bulldog (the other main fear was Conyers being in the majority party in the Senate and initiating impeachment proceedings).

While contacting Pelosi is vital, she will not lift a finger unless Waxman tells her it is a vital issue with abundant evidence of wrongdoing. He's the guy who digs up the dirt, and he's been champing at the bit for years to bring criminal investigations against the wrongdoers in Washington. Light a fire under Waxman about 9/11, and he will light a fire under the House leadership.