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London: 9/11 Anniversary 09 @ BBC TV Centre

http://www.9-11anniversarylondon.org/ WE DEMAND THE BBC COVERS THIS STORY • Scientific peer-reviewed proof nano-thermite found in the rubble at Ground Zero • 750+ architects and engineers demand a new investigation 9/11 is a historical event and it has changed the way we live today. Subsequently to 9/11, the Bush and Blair administrations launched an aggressive War on Terror which we were told would last the rest of our lives. Shortly after, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and the blood of millions of innocents has been spilt. Furthermore, the Patriot Act and UK Anti-Terror legislation has eroded our civil liberties with devastating effect. The police state has never been better funded. The mainstream media has sensationalized Islamaphobia and Muslims are subject to countless unnecessary stops, searches, raids, arrests and harrassments. The War on Terror is a War OF Terror. This makes it all the more concerning when we discover that many western intelligence agencies had foreknowledge of the attacks and failed abysmally to prevent them.

We Are Change London - 7/7 Anniversary 2009

Activists from We Are Change London visited Kings Cross station on the 4th Anniversary of the London Bombings.

While giving out dvds and leaflets they meet a woman who claims to have been at Holborn station on July 7th 2005. Seconds after buying her ticket at 8.32am she explains that a station announcement requested that people leave the station due to a 'power surge'.

According to the official account the three simultaneous bombs exploded around 8:50am.

Support the July Seventh Campaign


London Truth Action & We Are Change London at the G20 Meltdown (April 1st)

London Truth Action and We Are Change London were at the G20 protest in the City of London yesterday raising awareness.

Look out for musicians Billy Bragg, Kate Nash, Sam Duckworth (Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly) and Olly the Octopus using our PA system and impromptu stage - the Bank of England. We also had a nice chat with actor and comedian Russell Brand.


Eleventh Of Every Month: London January 11th

Trafalgar Square. 1 PA System. 800 dvds. 800 flyers. 9 new people. 20 people total. If you live in London join our meetup group and get involved!


Podcast #2 and Launch Of We Are Change London

Hi all,

The second We Are Change UK Podcast is out, and we have also changed our name to We Are Change London; it just made sense since there are now multiple We Are Change groups around the UK and we're from London.

We've done a big update on the website with lots of new stuff to look at and listen to - you'll find the new podcast under LISTEN.

This time featuring:

Animal Rights activist Keith Mann on unity among activist groups;
Money Expert Rodney Shakespeare - in interview a year ago predicting a financial collapse;
Journalist Robert Fisk;
Professor Niels Harrit on the 9/11 Building Collapses;
The Peace March with Brian Haw;

And more.

With tracks from Vigilant Guardian and AKALA

Have a look around the site and let us know about any glitches you find!


WAC London- The Truth about the War on Terror

We Are Change London broadcasts the truth about the War on Terror at Parliament Square:


9/11 Truth at Speaker's Corner

We Are Change UK spreading 9/11 truth at Speaker's Corner, London.