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Chaffetz skewered over 9/11 conspiracy comments

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Chaffetz skewered over 9/11 conspiracy comments
Politics » About the attacks, congressman says, 'There's a lot we still need to learn.'

By Matt Canham

The Salt Lake Tribune

Updated:02/19/2010 06:30:11 PM MST

Washington » At often-unpredictable town hall meetings last week, two Utah politicians faced questions from people who believe the government has committed major conspiracies.

But only one of them landed in hot water for his murky answer.

Liberal blogs and pundits have skewered Rep. Jason Chaffetz for comments that seemed to support further investigation into claims the U.S. government perpetrated the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

On Tuesday, a group with a video camera asked Chaffetz about the "9/11 truther" movement and Chaffetz said: "There's a lot we still need to learn." The next day Chaffetz tried to clarify his statement and say he doesn't believe in the conspiracy. He told The Salt Lake Tribune on Friday that he should have been more direct.

The government doesn't want a 9/11 public trial

RT again covers again what the corporate, consolidated, controlled mainstream media in this country refuse to.

“The trials need to be held. They need to be held here [NYC]. They need to be held in a civilian court where the evidence can come out – evidence that’s still being collected … in this mass murder, which begs for a new investigation ... evidence that just might be in the lungs of the sick and dying by the tens of thousands first responders. Let’s get that evidence out there to find out what really happened.”


A Challenge to We Are Change - Set up chapters on college campuses; maybe even start a fraternity!

Americans are woefully ignorant of False Flag operations, they are continually misled by corporatist candidates of both the Democratic and Republican brands, and their future is being continuously robbed from them. Meanwhile, young people are being saddled with $100,000 college education expenses (a scandal in and of itself, IMO) and then being thrust into a economy wreaking of a 'jobless recovery'.

Well, who ya gonna call? Ghost Busters? Nah - that was just a movie. :-) .

Perhaps the Republican or Democrat clubs that one finds on campuses will foster truth-telling about what horrors their namesake's have wrought?

Nope - ain't gonna happen.


Such thoughts have been percolating in my mind for a while, but a recent comment here at 911blogger made things gel in my mind. zombie bill hicks wrote:

Cindy Sheehan and Dr Dahlia Wasfi
will be speaking at the Treason In America conference in Valley Forge, PA, March 6-7.

Some people in the 9/11 truth movement have really been working hard recently to help bridge the gap to the anti-war movement.

We Are Change Boston gives Thermite Paper to 4 Unresponsive Mass. Congressmen and Senator John Kerry

The Massachusetts Congressional recipients of the WTC Thermite Document were John Kerry, Barney Frank, James McGovern, John F. Tierney, and Edward Markey. Rhode Island Representative Patrick Kennedy also received the WTC Thermite document as well as a fliers from WeAreChange.org, and PatriotsQuestion911.com. These people will more than likely do nothing unless we all collectively get them to acknowledge the evidence they have received. Please call or email any or all of them to find out what they are doing with this evidence. To find the Thermite paper go to http://www.ae911truth.org/ . This is the direct link to download the Thermite paper: http://www.ae911truth.org/downloads/Full_Thermite_paper.pdf

Congressman Mike Capuano and Ed Markey get scientific proof of Thermite in 9/11 dust samples. 9/7/09

Congressman Mike Capuano and Ed Markey get scientific proof of Thermite in 9/11 dust samples
These video clips were shot on September, 7th 2009. We have not been contacted by either of the congressman here regarding the Thermite paper we gave them. This material was previously handed to Markey on Thurs. Aug 6, 2009. In this video Ed Markey states that his staff is reviewing the paper. Contact them to find out what they are doing with this evidence.


We Are CHANGE - 200 Chapters Strong and Growing

We Are CHANGE - 200 Chapters Strong and Growing

In October of 2006 a small group of us got together because we wanted to make a difference. Living in NYC or the surrounding area, each of us had been greatly affected by the events on 9-11 and we wanted answers to the questions that the powers-at-be refused to answer. A month later we started C.H.A.N.G.E., The Coalition for Halting the Agenda of the Nefarious Global Elite. We liked having the word "change” to represent us because we all believed in Gandhi’s method of peaceful, non-violent revolution. It was also his saying, "Be the change you want to be in the world." that inspired us to no longer sit on the sidelines and to get involved. Soon after the website launched, we morphed into We Are CHANGE.

So now it is three years later and there are now 200 We Are CHANGE chapters. That is simply amazing and humbles all of us here who started this thing that cold October evening. We never dreamed of having chapters or that we could inspire a world-wide movement of so many wonderful people to take action and defend freedom. So at this time from the bottom of our hearts we wish to thank all you who have supported us. For every kind word, thank you! For every penny donated, thank you! For every chapter member who inspires another to action, thank you! Without all of you, there is no We Are CHANGE. Whether you are one person standing on a street corner handing our flyers or 100 strong putting on large events, all us together will create change.

Hold the Phones…Richard Gage WAS NOT Detained by NIST

July 20, 2009 Cheri M. Roberts – Producer, Unspun Newz

First thing Monday morning, 9/11 truth activist group We Are Change released a developing story regarding the possible detention of Richard Gage, AIA - founder of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST).

UnSpun immediately made contact with Richard Gage, additional members of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth as well as NIST itself to clarify and or confirm the details of this incident.

NIST’s Press Officer, Michael Newman was kind enough to comment stating Richard Gage, AIA arrived at NIST’s Visitor Center where he was refused access to the building by guards due to his lack of an appointment. Gage arrived with a CD and letter for Dr. Shyam Sunder which he left with the guards at the front gate under their assurance said material would be delivered to Dr. Sunder as requested by Gage.

By 11:30am pacific time NIST’s Press Officer for Public Affairs, Michael Newman confirmed for UnSpun Newz that Richard Gage’s material had in fact been delivered directly to Dr. Sunder as promised.

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