We Demand Transparency Conference

DJ Green Arrow of Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth once again vows to set new rap record, inspired by NYCCAN

DJ Green Arrow, the rapper who set a new Guinness World Record™ for "Longest Freestyle Rap" at the "We Demand Transparency" Conference, is about to quintuple his record, in an attempt to gain NYCCAN.org major media exposure.

"I have some people from the mainstream media who are interested in this event, because it's a chance for everyone to experience the longest freestyle and continuous rap ever performed in
history. I want to, while I have people aware of my accomplishment, advocate that the official story cannot be true and demand a real investigation".

DJ Green Arrow was asked by Dr. David Ray Griffin to be a member of a new group, created by Dr. Griffin and Ed Asner, called Artists and Actors for 9/11 Truth. The website for the group, which has not officially launched yet, is aa911truth.com

Please click the thumbnail below for the official poster:

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We Demand Transparency Conference -- The Jackass Returns!

The Jackass Returns

Today's Story in the New York Post Finally Gives Fair Play to 9/11 Truth, What a Big Change from 2005.

by Sander Hicks August 28, 2009