9/11 Victim's Family Member Demands News Coverage, Takes Story to the Media Directly

9/11 Victim's Family Member Demands News Coverage, Takes Story to the Media Directly

JonesReport.com | July 25, 2007

During a rally cry for more groups within the anti-war movement to help expose 9/11 truth, Manny Badillo, whose uncle, Thomas J. Sgroi, died in the World Trade Center Towers on September 11, took time out to bullhorn a local news van in attempt to persuade greater news coverage of 9/11 truth.

Badillo, along with other truthers, give a spirited effort, particularly as it was undertaken spontaneously.


On July 4th, Manny Badillo who lost his uncle Thomas J. Sgroi, 45 years old, in the World Trade Center Towers on September 11th, was attending a convention in Philadelphia calling for Anti-War and other groups to join forces in exposing the lies of 9/11. While taking a break outside he noticed a news van setting up for a story. He asked if others in attendance would join with him to demand that the media cover his story.

WeAreChange.org members and others quickly mobilized and supported Manny in his quest for fair reporting of the facts of 9/11.
Some onlookers and police scoffed at the idea that 9/11 was orchestrated by our government but I doubt that they knew that the former Deputy Attorney General for the State of Pennsylvania, Phillip Berg, was inside the building clearly stating that 9/11 was an inside job. I also wonder if they knew that Lt. Col. Bob Bowman, USAF, retired, who has a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from CalTech was also inside in full support of 9/11 Truth...

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We Are Change Confronts Newt Gingrich

EDIT: Aaron Dykes at the Jones Report also covers this story and offers his analysis:
Newt: Anyone Who Believes 9/11 Was Not an Enemy Attack is Insane

WeAreChange.org News
July 20,2007
Mike Knarr

On July 19, 2007 Newt Gingrich was at Stabler Arena on the campus of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He was speaking at Impact 07 which was raising money for local kid's programs. While signing autographs Mike Knarr from WeAreChange asked Newt whether he knew some of the high ranking military people who have gone on the record regarding 9/11. He acted as if he did know some of the names and didn't react negatively to the names but when told what the names were in regards to, his body language changed and he said they were "insane".

FOX's Alan Colmes Confronted on New York Streets-AGAIN

WeAreChange.com and Infowars.com reporters confronted Alan Colmes on the streets of New York for his role in furthering the propaganda model of government and propping up the establishment's big lie--September 11.

Colmes had no intention of replying to his critics, but tried to walk away from them, though it took several minutes to get away. Deepdown, Colmes knows that the fraud he belongs to is unravelling and his time will come.

Video: Giuliani Fundraiser

This appears to be the CNN footage of the confrontation between Giuliani and WeAreChange at the Giuliani Fundraiser. As anyone can see, a lot of 9/11 truth information was broadcast.

Fox 6 News San Diego - May 29 9:37 PM
9/11 protesters heckel Giuliani. Runs 4:30 5/29/07


Luke and We Are Change confront David Rockefeller

Luke and We Are Change confront David Rockefeller:


Caught this 7pm CT just after the post, wearechange.org seems to have gone down.

Videos of 4/11/07 Actions in NYC by TruthMove and We Are Change

Here is video of the 11th of the month actions in NYC. We were down by Building 7, Pace University, and then on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some people also later went on to Times Square. The response was generally good, although a few college students at Pace got very angry. We got some great shots on the Brooklyn Bridge...