Shepard Fairey, street artist and Obama iconographer, questions “validity of 9/11 story”


On November 4th, 2009, a year after the election of Barack Obama, artist Shepard Fairey was at the University of Southern California for a conversation entitled “Art, Culture, Politics.”  Fairey lent the Obama campaign his artistic design skills by creating the imagery and layout of the “Hope” and “Progress” posters.  This iconographical work, which now resides in the Smithsonian, was a crucial visual vehicle in Barack Obama’s mega-cultural ascendancy.


Rev. Dr. James Lawson, who MLK Jr. called “leading theorist and strategist of nonviolence in the world,” on Satyagraha

On July 20, 2009, Rev. Dr. James Lawson and Dr. John G. Cobb Jr. participated in a panel discussion at Immanuel Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles entitled, “War, Violence and Religion: A Dialogue and Call to Action.”  The conversation was wide-ranging and, often, quite profound, but I was left wanting for discussion about the role of lies and deception in the historical orchestration and ongoing cultivation of wars.


WeAreChangeLA’s Bruno vs. Terrorism Charges Update

Bruno’s fight for freedom continues as support from around the world rises, including support from freedom fighters like Alex Jones in this interview –  


Plus interviews by Jack Blood, the Corbett Report and others around the world are calling for much needed financial support for Bruno’s defense fund. WeAreChange Holland created Free-Bruno.org to help raise funds and create awareness of what’s happening to Bruno throughout Europe. Bruno says that he is deeply touched and frankly surprised at how supportive the 9/11 Truth Community is being. He never expected so many people to have his back.

WACLA Visibilty Action = Banner Preparation and DVD - - sticker, stamp and stuff!


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We got together to put stickers on 1200+ DVDs, stamp the sleeves with the WeAreChangeLA contact info, and stuff the DVDs into the sleeves. We also laid out all of our banners and gave them a good cleaning. This is all in preparation for our participation in the anti-war march here in Los Angeles. Can't wait!

By doing this out in the open at a popular park, we created a visibility action for passersby to learn about 9-11 Truth. Everyone brought flyers and displays for this fun outreach.

Steve Wright did a great job interviewing the passersby and he put together a fantastic video. Check it out!

405 Bannering with Dean Haglund from "X-Files" and "The Lone Gunman"


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Dean Haglund (X-Files and The Lone Gunman) drops by to visit WACLA during our bannering of one of the busiest freeways in the country, the 405. Dean is one of the most outspoken movie and television celebrities when it comes to 9-11 Truth and we were all honored to have him spend time out of his day with us while we bannered roughly 25,000 commuters during rush hour in Los Angeles with our 9-11 Truth messages.

We got such overwhelming warm responses from the travelers on both the freeway below and the road crossing the bridge. Officers in a passing police squad car honked enthusiastically and waved to us! We spent three hours holding those banners, and we enjoyed every minute.

Truth Profile - Dustin - WeAreChangeLA member

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This is a profile in courage of LA actor Dustin Coffey who talks about the responsibility of being an American, and also bringing awareness to the 9/11 Truth movement. As a member of WeAreChangeLA, he is a shining example of truth in action. If only more Americans could have the courage of Dustin Coffey, we'd all be much better off and we would be on the way to regaining control of our once great nation. Individual Liberty is our greatest American Product.

35 people show up for freeway bannering in Hollywood!

Jan 11, 2010
35 wonderful human souls showed up for the 11th of the month truth action. We had 2 our big beautiful blue banners on the Sunset Blvd overpass at the Hollywood Freeway. We have to find a new location, because everybody in the Hollywood area seems to be aware of 9-11 Truth! We had such a positive response. What a great day! Maybe it was because we had so many positive beings reaching out to others. Thanks to all!

camera and edit: Steve Wright

WeAreChangeLA stands in the rain!! for the 12-11-09 Eleventh of the Month 9-11 Truth Action

We had a great time in front of Chase Bank with our massive blue banners encouraging the rush hour traffic to question 9-11. We received a steady pulse of supportive honks. There is nothing like getting out in the streets with fellow 9-11 Truthers to get our outreach fix. We all had such a great time hanging with each other, and we passed out all of our DVDs. Nobody who drove by or stopped at the intersection could miss us. The pedestrian traffic was much busier than expected. Even bus drivers took DVDs.

Thank you to all who came out in the rain, estimated about 20. You are all wonderful folks!

Camera and edit: Steve Wright

CFR President Admits Wars of Agenda To Serve "...Global Order"

CFR President Admits Wars of Agenda To Serve "...Global Order"




Executive Producer: Paul Wittenberger
Staring: Richard N. Haass, Stewart Howe, Bob Sherman and Paul Wittenberger
Camera by: Paul Wittenberger
Edited by: Paul Wittenberger
Date: May 18, 2009


WeAreChangeLA confronts 9-11 criminal 'General' Richard Myers (FULL VIDEO)




General Richard M. Myers is shielded from answering for his changes in testamony about his whereabouts on 9/11 by violent sicophants. Bruno Bruweiler and Jeremy Roth-Kuchel were physically assaulted and battered for simply disrupting his talk to peacefully call for an answer to his changes in testamony.

A single lone patriot arises from the crowd of attendees in support of the rights of citizens to engage in peaceful and lawful dissent without being subjected to criminal assault and battery. Once on scene, PD Officers review his observations while detaining Jeremy, and then Jeremy and Bruno are free to go.

9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses "9-11 Commission could not do its job"

9/11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey finally confesses "9-11 Commission could not do it's job"



WeAreChangeLA's Jeremy Rothe-Kushel, Katy Kurtzman, Bruno Bruhwiler, Dan Noel, and Paul Wittenberger ask 9-11 Commissioner Bob Kerrey questions in regards to the 9-11 False Flag attack.

Please watch this revealing video. Real pressure causes real reactions. I was struck by the depth of the original question, the reaction of the audience, and Kerrey’s revealing comments about the ‘30 year conspiracy’ (right at the end). What does Kerrey know that the public doesn’t? Do you get the feeling that Kerrey is trying to say ‘hey I know you know the truth and I respect that, however I can’t help you, this goes too deep to be fixed’?

Jeremy asks Kerrey about the fact that Al Qaeda couldn't have brought down the buildings on Ground Zero with high tech explosives. So who is the real threat? Kerrey's response? "I was there that morning, I saw two planes fly into them."

Martin Sheen supports his son Charlie Sheen in questioning the official story of 9-11


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At a recent Peace March in Los Angeles, Steve Wright of WeAreChangeLA asked Martin Sheen if he supports his son Charlie Sheen in promoting 9-11 [Truth].

"I know he had some serious questions, and I think all of us should be inquisitive about that. We should know what really happened. I don't know. There are some very troubling unanswered questions, and I think that's all Charlie is wanting to explore. So I support that." - Martin Sheen

WeAreChangeLA follows up with USC Dean of Engineering Yannis C. Yortsos regarding Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth

This is the third and final video presentation and documentation stemming from an event at the University of Southern California on October 14, 2009 titled “The Nuclear Express and the Prevention of Nuclear Terror.” In it, WeAreChangeLA follows up with USC Dean of Engineering Yannis C. Yortsos regarding Architects & Engineers for 9-11 Truth and his previous encounter with Richard Gage, AIA.


-filmed and edited by Paul Wittenberger-