WeAreChangeLA meets Jerry Brown

During a recent Obama event, WeAreChangeLA organized a visibility action. When Jerry Brown showed up, we confronted him and the media about 9-11 Truth.

Richard Gage, AIA wakes up an American citizen

Richard Gage, AIA, while on the phone with Jason Bermas of the Alex Jones Radio Show, unwittingly brings new light on the subject of 9-11 to an unsuspecting American citizen.

Nothing compares to witnessing someone new wake up to the truth about 9-11.


3way Freeway Bannering in Hollywood!

This was the MOST HARDCORE FREEWAY BANNERING EVER! We stood on THREE overpasses practically on top of one another in Hollywood, California.

We gave commuters a THREE OVERPASS EYEFUL of 9-11 TRUTH

And we reached out to the California Highway Patrol, and the LAPD.

It's working. Come join us. It's fun, too! Exercise your freedom, while you still can. Help wake up others.

We are Patriots. We are Fearless. WeAreChange.

Alex Jones bullhorns the Bilderberg traitors - June 2008


Alex Jones bullhorns Bilderberg in an attempt to bring attention to the scene of the crime in Chantilly, Virginia. The corporate media refuses to report on a secret meeting of over 125 of the global power elite. Our forefathers have warned us repeatedly about defending our liberties against the power elite. The Revolutionary War that led to our Constitution was fought to free the American people from the control of the bankers of England who wanted to control the currency used by the colonies, just like the Federal Reserve illegally controls the American dollar, and thus our economy, and thus our lives, and thus the lives of our children.

WeAreChangeLA - http://wacla.org


Google video "ENDGAME"

Tom Daschle, Bilderberg '08 attendee, on 'unsolved' Amerithrax case and American Body Politic "auto-immune problem" (video)

With the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA helping elevate the DC area's now normally and normalized high treasonous activity to despicably epic levels, I heard that even Tom Daschle was getting in on some of the anti-Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution action. It reminded me that I had a video in my you tube account of my encounter with him back in March that I hadn't posted, though I had previously posted the audio:
Daschle on Amerithrax: "Alot of questions that are yet to be answered." FBI was initially "100%" to "find those responsible."
Here it is:


From previous blog entry:

WeAreChangeLA teams up with KPFK Pacifica Radio for a solid 9/11 Truth pilot “Counter Intelligence Digest”

On Friday April 11th KPFK Pacifica Radio, 90.7 FM Los Angeles & 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, aired a ‘test run’ of the pilot “Counter Intelligence Digest”, a new pivotal radio interview and commentary show created with the collaboration of WeAreChangeLA (WACLA) and KPFK.

The pilot, which features guests Peter Philips of Project Censored, Peter Thottam of the LA National Impeachment Center, and Cosmos of TruthAction.org, has received positive feedback from KPFK’s listeners. KPFK Program Director, Armondo Gudiño says that he “digs it.”

The show is hosted by Chris Bayard Condon, who is first alternate on KPFK's station board as well as on the WACLA meetup, and Katy Kurtzman, who is a founding member of WACLA. The Executive Producer is Christine Blosdale, a senior producer at KPFK. The pilot targets a range of listeners, from those who are altogether new or barely informed about 9-11 to the seasoned 9-11 Truth activists who need a lift from truther burnout.

A couple WeAreChangeLA actions documented by Garko- 1) At Willie Nelson Concert Downtown and 2) 3-11-08 on PCH in Malibu

We Are Change Street Action - Malibu, CA 4 9-11 Truth on March 11, 2008

Willie Nelson Joins 911 Truth Movement - We Are Change LA outside the Willie Nelson Concert at the Nokia Theater in Downtown Los Angeles

What's everybody doing for this coming April 11th? It is a friday you know. Friday the Eleventh is a day of great luck and great civil informationeering potential.

Go to www.truthaction.org to find your people or help your people find you.

A Walk Down 9-11 Truth Memory Hole Lane with Bill Maher +

This Better Bad News piece I just ran into had me digging up the old series of "Bill Maher meets 9-11 truth" media archives. I think there is something to be learned about the media amidst all this. I just don't know what it is. Maybe we can figure it out being that we are moving into an intensely focused time for politics in the media.

Better Bad News

Bill with Cornel West, Richard Clarke and John Legend on "9-11 Conspiracy Theories" (5/12/06)

Daschle on Amerithrax: "Alot of questions that are yet to be answered." FBI was initially "100%" to "find those responsible."

Former Senator Tom Daschle was at the LA library on 3/26 to talk about his new book on healthcare. WeAreChangeLA was on hand to ask him about the health of the American body politic in relationship to the still 'unsolved' anthraxing of the two opposition leaders Leahy and Daschle -some leaked into Senator Feingold's office as well. While not directly addressing my question about the responsibility of Congress in calling out possible treason, Senator Daschle dropped a few hints in his response.

WeAreChangeLA meets Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson: "The 9-11 Commission's findings have a number of imperfections..."

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson was in town on Wednesday, and Garko and I from WeAreChangeLA got a chance to listen to an interesting conversation and ask him about 9-11. Ian Masters, the moderator, defensively jumped the gun on my question about 9-11. Wilkerson dodged the question on whether he supports a genuine investigation of 911. What he did give was an insightful perspective on the "totally useless" intelligence community. I still think that he is harboring serious anger at Cheney and serious resentment at the intelligence community. I want to know what he knows and thinks about 9-11.

He started out, after saying that it was total news to him that all these CIA vets had questioned the 9-11 Commission, by stating that "the 9-11 Commission's findings have a number of imperfections..." He then went on to describe the uselessness of the hi-tech intelligence apparatus. I agree with him on much of his statement, but he spun away from answering the yes or no new investigation question fairly skillfully.

WeAreCHANGE LA At the Academy Awards

WeAreCHANGE LA At the Academy Awards.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Hope this speaks for itself.


WeAreChangeLA questions Candidate Gravel on the People's Understanding of False-flags as a Potential Trim-tab

A couple of weeks ago Mike Gravel was in Los Angeles. During the Q+A, I first thanked him for talking about the "military-industrial complex" in the 1st presidential debate, and then asked him to speak on the potential power of understanding false-flag operations as a mechanism of war and Empire. He proceeded to speak on his ideas for global democracy, making the convincing case that there already is global governance, it just has been hijacked, misused and abused. I then asked him again to speak specifically to my question. Although he brought up some interesting points, I remain unconvinced that a better "system" will cure us of our ongoing treasonous hijackings, and a bit puzzled by why he won't speak to the "false-flag" mechanism even in a historical sense.


WeAreChangeLA Reaches Out to the Simon Wiesenthal Center over Weitzman HR1955 Presentation

Towards the end of 2007, WeAreChangeLA reached out to the SImon Wiesenthal Center regarding the testimony by Mark Weitzman of the Simon Wiesenthal Center before Jane Harman's Congressional Committee. Mr Weitzman gave a presentation to the committee in support of H.R. 1955 where he positioned the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth website as an "incubator of 9/11 conspiracies and disinformation."

Neo-Con, "Axis of Evil"er, Giuliani wingman David Frum tells "Insane People" from WeAreChangeLA to "Take Stronger Medication"

David Frum came to the Los Angeles Public Library on January 16, 2008 to engage in a conversation with Arianna Huffington and hawk his new book "Comeback: Conservatism That Can Win Again." Well, considering the question of judgement that quickly springs to mind after considering his choice of which candidate to back and advise, Frum better get his Neo-Con game up if he is to be a Republican Machiavelli.

As he finished up signing books, we approached him. It was not our most tightly vetted truth squad ever, but it illicited an interesting response from one of the architects of the infamous "Axis of Evil" speech. I'm very eager to dialogue about different strategies, thoughts, critiques, ideas on the art and practice of the truth squad. Let's talk after the video.

11-11 Convergence March Organized by WeAreChangeLA a Rousing Success

On 11-11 @ 11am, well over a hundred truth-speakers and patriots from all around the region and the country, including brave Johnny Wave, gathered on a cliff in Santa Monica above the Pacific Ocean. They commenced to march through the streets chanting, teaching and handing out information. And from what I have heard, it was quite an impactful and inspiring day to both those marching and watching. Though I missed it being on the other side of the country, this beautiful video put together by Bruno from WeAreChangeLA, with material and help from many others, still gives me some good goosebumps.