VIDEO -- WTC 7: The Smoking Gun of 9/11

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Explosive new video contains rare footage and a call to action.

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Alex Jones speech at Webster Hall - 9/9/07 wearechange.org

Alex Jones gives a fiery rant just prior to the New York City premiere of his latest documentary "Endgame". Delivered at Webster Hall in the East Village on 9/9/2007 as part of the wearechange.org benefit for the first responders.


VIDEO: Jack Blood Interviews 9/11 Firefighter John Schroeder, William Rodriguez

Deadline Live with Jack Blood, Original Air Date: August 10, 2007

Jack Blood interviews 9/11 Firefighter John Schroeder and William Rodriguez - 26 min 54 sec


Jack interviews FDNY Firefighter and 9/11 Hero John Schroeder to discuss his recent videotaped interview with WeAreCHANGE.org & LooseChange911.com, his experiences during the attack on the World Trade Center, his life after 9/11, and the man who saved his life during the attack - William Rodriguez. In the second segment of Jack's interview with John, William calls into the show to reunite with the man he saved.

Rev. Rich Lang, Jason Bermas on 9/11 and Empire Radio Tonight

Tonight (Tues. 8/28/07) on WTPRN I will host Rev. Rich Lang, Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church, Seattle -- America's leading "clergy for 9/11 truth" activist! http://www.911blogger.com/taxonomy/term/5942. As I wrote to Rev. Lang: "When I co-founded MUJCA three years ago, part of the goal was to inspire clergy to do precisely what you're doing, so I'm eager to hear your firsthand account of being in the forefront of clerical activism. And since most of America's clergy is still in denial about 9/11, I'd like to hear your ideas about how to change that."

Jason Bermas of Loose Change http://loosechange911.com will come on for the last half hour to discuss the upcoming 6th anniversary events in NY 9/11/07.

9-11 p.m. CT, "9/11 and Empire Radio" on WTPRN: http://wtprn.com (complete radio schedule http://mujca.com/airwaves.htm)

I'll also be on Webster Tarpley's WTPRN show on Thursday night 8/30/07, 7pm - 9 pm CT, discussing the Kennebunkport Warning http://www.mujca.com/kennebunkport.htm and further plans to head off the next 9/11 http://mujca.com/stopthenext911.htm

We Are Change - FL Visits Barack Obama in Miami!

We Are Change - FL Visits Barack Obama in Miami!

I've been wanting to see Obamas nervous reaction to important questions like ones about CFR involvement and ideaology. Thanks to WeAreChangeFL and truthers everywhere. Time to get hyper-active, especially running up to New Years Eve.

Here is a term we made up over here and kick around. It kinda caught so I will share it here:
RRR/EMA = realize, recognize, reconcile, educate, motivate, activate
Any suggestions? I share this acronym in dialogues with people that ask what I plan on doing about corruption; common question. My kid knows it and uses it...triple R EMA

food for thought
you are what you eat

VIDEO: Infowars & We Are Change Confront Democrats

Infowars & We Are Change Confront Democrats
Biden admits flip flops on statements about meeting 9/11 financier

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, June 18, 2007

Infowars reporter Luke Rudkowski from wearechange.org has released video taken at the recent Democratic debates in New Hampshire showing his team confronting leading Democrats Joe Biden and Bill Richardson in addition to David Gergen, the former adviser to Bill Clinton.

Tony Nicer May 11th 2007:Luke Rudkowski gives us updates Silverstien thug gets fired for calling in fake bomb threat on Luke.

On May 11th I interviewed Luke as he gave us updates in the "911 was an inside job" room on Paltalk.com. Silverstein Security Thug Loses Job for calling in Fake bomb threat on Luke. Hear Luke tell it as it happened.

Tony and Luke 5-11-7wearechange luke gives updates to 911 was an inside job chat room paltalk.com.mp3

This is the thug that got fired see what he did.

Join Paltalk.com "911 was an inside job room" go to http://myspace.com/hiphopcrusade for directions on how to down load program.

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio and wearechange.org

Call In May 11 Action Reports All Day 1-512-646-6445 for broadcast on tonight's Truth Revolution Radio.

Massive media contact list - use it today!

Live NYC Truth March Broadcast

1st ever live NYC street action broadcast 12pm - 6pm EST on wearechange.org

5/11/07 will stand for 5+ years since the horrendous acts on 9/11/01, we as CHANGE will not stop until the truth behind 9/11 comes out. We will meet in the Streets each 11th and stand up for truth and justice.

12:00 PM - WTC Building 7
1:30 PM - Federal Reserve
2:00 PM - New York Stock Exchange
3PM-5PM - Columbus Circle
5:00 PM - Times Square

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio

Cosmos and Luke report on May 11 actions for truth and justice from around the world.
Call in with your report LIVE between 9 - 10 pm Pacific 1-888-202-1984
Or call in and record your report any time today at 1-512-646-6445
Listen live



LUKE and the gang at WE ARE CHANGE are doing such a good Job, Here is a video showing what its like to be at Ground Zero representing 911 truth. They are there every Sat from 1pm-4pm.

LUKE, DANNY, BRIAN and all the other volunteers really are getting the information into the peoples hands. I AM PROUD OF ALL OF THEM. This video is of Me, my Friend Brent and Cary. Presenting Luke with his first hi tech spy camera. I interview Luke On the Paltalk Chat room 911 was an inside job and petitioned people to do what they can to support Luke Brent stepped up flew in from Miami and bought Luke this equipment.

This is the Interview I had with Luke on Paltalk.com April 26th 911 was an inside job room :


NYC 2/11 Report: Action Every 11th

This is from Luke:


2/11/07 Breakdown.

On the Eleventh Day of Every Month, we call on activists everywhere to take to the streets in the name of truth.

On February 11th 2007, 9/11 Truth organizations launched a national campaign of action on the 11th day of each month.

In New York City, 2 street actions took place - one at the crime scene itself Ground Zero:

Dylan Avery came to show support

Another street action took place in the center of Manhattan Union Square.