The July 7th Truth Campaign: 7/7 Inquest Verdict

[Repost from the July 7th Truth Campaign (J7) Inquest Blog - Gareth]

At the start of the 7 July Inquests process, J7 wrote:

From the outset, it must be understood that the State cannot in any way find itself to be culpable for anything that would reflect badly upon it, and history is littered with countless examples of the State absolving itself of responsibility, illegality, or immorality in all degrees.
Sure enough, this is precisely what has happened. Today, Lady Justice Hallett has returned her verdict of unlawful killing and has absolved the corporate State and Security Services of any blame or responsibility. The full verdict report can be read here [PDF].

While we analyse the contents of the report in detail, it is initially important to seize on the following paragraphs taken from the Introduction to the report: