Jimmy Wales Creates Wiki Magazine Sites

Three magazine sites were created by the founder of Wikipedia. One's on entertainment, one's on local news, and one's on politics. I link the one on politics, because I think it will be of most interest to this group.

Also, at some point in time, I had thought about creating a wiki site on Wikia to serve the 9/11 Truth Movement. The idea was to have a wiki dedicated to responding to mainstream media hit pieces. We don't have one spokes person, and many views differ, but it may be a good way to get a quality response together to articles we disagree with. That one could be by invite only.

I created one entry. Get an account, and "digg" it up!

Campus Action Wiki

The 9/11 Truth: Campus Action Network is an attempt to connect students involved in activism for 9/11 truth on university and college campuses. The network is essentially a blog and wiki that will provide news and feedback so that we can learn from each other's experiences, campaigns and actions. This way users will be encouraged by the success of others and also learn not to make the same mistakes.

Although still in its early stages, I would like it to grow into a solid resource for students on campuses around North America. The wiki is password protected, so contact me if you'd like to participate.

We know who you are. We won’t forget

Wiki Logo

I would like to propose the ‘9/11 MediaWatch Wiki’ which would be a collaborative directory of media outlets, journalists, politicians, governments and other relevant organizations shaping the public debate on the 9/11 Truth movement and their viewpoints towards the movement.

The primary focus of the Wiki would be to collate past and present trends in opinions towards 9/11 Truth activism, observing any shifts in MSM viewpoints over time at the individual, as well as the organizational granularity. The format of the repository would be similar to and would prohibit slander.

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NEW Wiki dedicated to 9/11 Information and Human Rights Issues

I need your help, please.

I have created a community wiki called, which is dedicated to 9/11 information and human rights issues. The topics in the wiki will not be restricted to just those issues, but they will be the main issues covered.

What is a wiki anyway?

As you can read from the above definition, a wiki is usually a community project. I am posting this topic here because the people who belong to this group are exactly the type of people I would like to have help me.

I chose the wiki format because it is very easy to create and edit information. I am using the same wiki software used by and the same content license as well.

I decided to create the wiki because after posting information on my own website,, since 2002, I have discovered that it is physically impossible to dig up all of the available information posted on a single day that is worthy of mention. I am barely scratching the surface. To be quite honest, I am starting to get burned out. So, I am asking for your help.