Wikipedia & 911 truth

Wikipedia Page Ratings for "September 11 Attacks"

Wikipedia has a relatively new feature.  Since July of last year it allows readers to rate pages.  The rating feature is found at the bottom of each page.  Ratings reports like the one below apparently don't reflect every rating of a page since this feature was turned on.  I haven't been able to find a description of exactly how the ratings are accumulated, but when pages change (are edited) I believe the ratings start over again.   Following is a snapshot of the page ratings for Wikipedia's page describing the September 11 attacks. The page is little more than a thoroughly detailed and totally documented rehash of the reports from NIST and the 9/11 Commission. It's interesting to observe that 1182 people rated the page's completeness (on average) a 1 on the 1 to 5 scale (with 1 being least and 5 being greatest).  

Wikipedia's Current Page Rating for 9/11 Attacks

WIkipedia blocks William Rodriguez's Page

In a very interesting move, Wikipedia has blocked edits to the "William Rodriguez" page, after an edit war erupted between attackers & defenders of Mr. Rodriguez. One of them has been identified as a civic employee in Canada. (More information will be provided about who this person is, and were they can be contacted in the future.)

Very interesting also is that a known editor exposed at 9/11blogger in the past, has been constantly editing his page to create a negative point of view. (See the discussion page.) Also click on the page history to see the many edits done trying to destroy his credibility. It is one of the largest discussions going on at Wikipedia.

We should all monitor this page, and once unblocked, put in our 2 cents in support of Mr. Rodriguez.

With a good amount of input, we can show Wikipedia how to be fair.

Reforming Wikipedia

I got an idea from this article about a professor who has his students write Wikipedia articles; 9/11 Truthers have the power and the motivation and the means to take 9/11 truth to Wikipedia en masse. At seminars, in college classes, and in community groups, professors and others who are brave enough to spread 9/11 truth can share a wealth of information and sources by collectively updating Wikipedia with the best information and the latest sources. If this is an info war, why not recruit and train info warriors?