William Rodriguez

The Elephant In The Room and We Are Change UK on Edge TV

Dean Puckett director of The Elephant In the Room a new documentary about the 9/11 truth movement and Gareth of We Are Change UK appear on British TV to discuss the film and 9/11 truth in general THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is Available to Watch and buy 1st September 2008 exclusively at: http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

William Rodriguez Returns from Rome, and Foils an Attempt at Harassment

William Rodriguez was in Italy over the past few days, attending an International Conference of Neurosurgeons, where he talked to a crowd of 500 world-class neurosurgeons about the toxic effects of ground zero dust on 9/11 survivors. Following his talk in Rome, he travelled by train to attend a screening of Zero: An Investigation into 9/11, with the filmmakers.

Shortly after his return from Italy, Rodriguez was scheduled to appear at the fund raiser for the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative. While attending the fund raiser, Rodriguez was approached for an interview by a woman he did not recognize. Rodriguez was still recovering from his trans-continental flight, so he declined the interview.

Despite the fact that Rodriguez had declined the interview, the woman continued to disrespectfully pressure Rodriguez until she was escorted out of St. Mark's Church. It turns out that the person pushing for an interview was none other than one Paula Gloria, associate of Nico Haupt.

Once Rodriguez found out who she was, he made it clear that she does not have permission to use any footage of him captured at St. Mark's, and spoke to her in a very frank manner about her recent appearance on Howard Stern's radio show, which was an embarrassment for the entire 9/11 Truth community. This attempt at harassment toward Rodriguez was a failure.

To hear a May 20th compilation of Gloria & Haupt & Rosalee Grable making complete asses out of themselves on a satellite radio show that has a massive audience, then click below, but be forewarned, it is rife with foul language, and is a very disgusting thing to hear (definitely NSFW). The Fakers were on the Stern show on May 19th;

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Zero: 9/11 - a review.

If Matt Taibbi had even one percent of Gore Vidal's intellectual grasp of American history, perhaps then it would make reading his presumed 'leftist' opinion about 9/11 a little easier to stomach. (I presume that Taibbi pitches from the left, because his screed is published at Alternet.org and AfterDowningStreet.org.) Fortunately, we don't need him. Gore Vidal is still among us, and it is his image and voice in the new Italian documentary 'Zero: an investigation into 9/11', that expresses a critical perspective of 9/11 that will ring true to the ears of those who will hear, and will help to free the prisoners currently living out the Allegory of the Cave, mesmerized by shadows of terror, cast upon the wall by the likes of yellow journalists like Taibbi.

Telling the Truth About 9/11: The 9th Annual Conference on Human & Social Global Health Crises

The Common Cause Medical Research Foundation will host the Ninth Annual Conference on Human and Social Global Health Crises in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on August 29, 30 and 31 of 2008. The Conference theme this year is: Telling the Truth About 9/11. The three day conference of lectures, workshops and discussion sessions will be chaired by Dr. Harold W. Clark and will feature keynote addresses by:

Professor Peter Dale Scott: The Death of JFK, Forty Five Years Later and the War on Terror Today
Dr. David Ray Griffin: The 9/11 Fraud
Professor Donald Scott: The Advent of AIDS
Dr. Garth Nicolson: The Science of Cancer, AIDS, CFS and Gulf War Illness
William Rodriguez: Surviving the WTC Collapse
Dave von Kleist: 9/11 Ripple Effect
Dr. Donald V. Bodeen: Winning the Secret War, Final Edition

Advance registration for all lectures and sessions including the Annual Banquet is being accepted now. For more information contact William (Bill) Scott at 705 673 0726 (wlcscott@yahoo.ca) or write to:
CCMRF Conference
Box 133, Stn B
Sudbury, Ontario P3E 4N5

William Rodriguez meets the President of the Government of Spain

Yesterday, while on a European tour, Rodriguez met with Spanish President Zapatero, and told him about "the need for a new investigation, the plight of the victims and the lack of support for the first responders."

Mr. Rodriguez certainly gets around.

Tuesday 4PM PT KPFK airs Last Man Out, Loose Change Final Cut, etc

Tuesday at 4PM PT (7PM ET) Pacifica Radio KPFK 90.7FM in Los Angeles (heard
worldwide at KPFK.org) will air clips from these important 9/11
documentaries; Last Man Out by William Rodriguez, Loose Change Final Cut
and 9/11 Blueprint For Truth by Richard Gage!

We Are Change UK: Radio Show 9

Another of our shows went out on London's Resonance 104.4 FM yesterday

It featured:

The Elephant in the Room: Dean visited the recent Global Peace & Unity Event to gage Muslim opinion on the attacks of September 11th 2001

What the Papers Don't Say (Football Special): Irreverent discussion

An interview with mechanical engineer and contributor to the Journal of 911 Studies Gordon Ross

Plus music

Listen to an mp3 of the show here (60 mins)

2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference with William Rodriguez

2007 Texas Justice, Peace, and Freedom Conference


November 16-18, 2007

Addison, Texas
Crowne Plaza North Dallas (972) 980-8877
14315 Midway Rd, Addison, TX 75001

Special room rate of $92 per night available, reserve your room here!

The main part of this 3-day Conference will be Saturday, November 17, and Sunday, November 18, when we will have over fifteen of the most informative, knowledgeable and exciting Justice, Peace, and Freedom speakers addressing a variety of the most important and life-changing events of our day. The Friday, November 16, event is a separate 6-hour class on the U.S. Constitution, your rights, freedom and law.

Jack Blood Interviews Former Dallas Cowboy Mark Stepnoski (Nov 6th 2007)

Former Dallas Cowboy Tells It Like It Is: "I Suspected 9/11 Was A False Flag Attack From The Beginning"

By Jack Blood

November 6th, 2007

From Pat Tillman, to 911, to the Oklahoma City Bombings, Ron Paul
and Iraq...This legendary offensive lineman now blocks for the truth

Future NFL Hall of Famer, Mark Stepnoski, recently received some internet buzz for a ubiquitous article in the Erie Times News and his interview add-on supporting the 9-11 truth movement. On November 6, 2007 Jack Blood interviewed Mark Stepnoski about his beliefs on what happened that day, September 11, 2001, on his syndicated daily radio show, Deadline Live, on November 6, 2007.

Mark Stepnoski's pro career in the NFL was spent with the Dallas Cowboys (1989-1994, 1999-2000), and the Houston Oilers (1995-1998). Stepnoski won two Super Bowls while with the Cowboys and was a five time Pro Bowler, attending the game from 1992 through 1996. Also notable among his achievements are the contributions he made to help Emmitt Smith become the all time rushing champion of the NFL.

Janitor turned activist recounts 9/11 tragedy

Janitor turned activist recounts 9/11 tragedy
The Eureka Reporter

by Ahley Bailey

World Trade Center janitor William Rodriguez was going to call in sick on Sept. 11, 2001. After some urging from his boss, he went in to work a little later than his usual 8 a.m. schedule.

The horror of that day lives on for Rodriguez, who has become an activist and travels the world telling his story of survival in order to help victims of the terrorist attacks.

Clad in suit and tie, Rodriguez came to the River Lodge in Fortuna on Sunday evening and greeted each attendee with a warm smile and a handshake.

“Thank you for being here,” he said as he made his way around the room of approximately 100 people.

He told his story.

While working at the WTC for 20 years, Rodriguez said, he had made many friends.

He clocked in the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, and decided not to go up to the 61st floor to the Kitchen restaurant where he usually received a free breakfast.

When he heard the first plane fly into the North Tower, he said, all he could think about was the restaurant.

“Those were my friends there,” he said. “I would have gone through that fire to help my friends. I was not able to save a single one.”

He was, however, able to save dozens of others.

William Rodriguez, Peter Dale Scott, Cindy Sheehan at Grand Lake

William Rodriguez gave a stirring talk about his experiences during the collapse of the North Tower on Sept 11, 2001. William also covered the international appearances and wide press coverage he's received , especially in Central America, while on his speaking tour. Once again, Carol Brouillet scores a 10 for putting this event together with Northern California 9/11 Truth Alliance.

On hand were Cindy Sheehan and Peter Dale Scott.

Photos courtesy of John Parulis, working sound with Guns & Butter's Yarrow Mahko:


This Week Powerful 9/11 Truth Events

Flyby News Alert -
29 October 2007
Editor - Jonathan Mark - www.FlybyNews.com

East Coast - West Coast Feature 9/11 Truth Events

Notes: These two events are indicative of the information and substance,
and the quality of people coming forth, to confront mainstream America,
its media and institutions, with a just demand for new 9/11 investigations.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Last Man Out of the North World Trade Center Tower Tells his Story
William Rodriguez - November 1st- November 7th, 2007
From Oakland, California to Seattle, Washington

Press Advisory

William Rodriguez will share his harrowing tale of transformation from janitor to international hero on Thursday, 7 pm November 1st, at the Grand Lake Theater, 3200 Grand Avenue in Oakland, California, the first stop, on a North West Tour that will take him from Oakland to Sonoma, Sacramento, Eureka, Portland, and Seattle. Other guest speakers include Peter Dale Scott and Cindy Sheehan, the main talk will be followed by a reception for Rodriguez and local heroes.

William Rodriguez on Dynamic Duo Today, gcnlive.com

4-6 pm CT, http://www.gcnlive.com Network 4
Call-in number (866) 582-9933

William Rodriguez will join me during the second hour to discuss our recently-completed Heartland Tour (http://mujca.com/heartland.htm). We will also discuss William's forthcoming video containing interviews with other WTC survivors who verify his story, including Anthony Saltalamacia (http://www.911blogger.com/node/11949). Besides confirming Willie's story, and casting Willie's heroism as even more striking than it appears in Willie's own talks, these videos contain some rather amazing new eyewitness testimony that significantly adds to the already overwhelming evidence that the official story of the Towers' destruction is false.

William Rodriguez and the Key to 9/11

"First Man In" for Truth

Myself and 100 other people had the good fortune to see William Rodriguez speak in Nanaimo, BC on Sept 17th, 2007. There are many things quite remarkable about this man, his rare sense of integrity being chief among them. I had heard him before on a radio show, it was a fascinating interview where he went into some detail about his youth, his career in magic, and just some of the noteworthy people he has been associated with throughout his extraordinary life so far. Working at the World Trade Center for 20 years, he was one of a small group of people who possessed a master key to the building. That fact, along with his intimate knowledge of this huge complex, permitted firefighters easier access, and therefore more people could be saved. Rodriguez is a humble man who makes references to the fact that he is just a janitor, but in truth, he is a powerful individual with an amazing story to tell. Through his experiences we see revealed a man who possesses incredible loyalty, uncommon bravery, and the strength of his convictions concerning truth and justice.