William Rodriguez

Rodriguez withdraws from his RICO suit against Bush and Cheney

Here is the text of a letter that was forwarded to me via my local 9/11 group. Withdrawing is certainly Mr. Rodriguez's personal business and his perogative, but without a new plaintiff, the suit is kaput.

Phil Berg here.

www.911forthetruth. com

Urgent - By now, most of you are aware that William "Willie" Rodriguez
recently has asked for his name and therefore, our RICO law suit
against Bush, Cheney and 54 other defendants to be withdrawn.

There is a 5 year statute of limitations on RICO [9/11/06], although I
believe we can argue that since there is no statute of limitations on
murder, there should be no limitation on our RICO case re 911.

I need a plaintiff to file a new law suit on Monday, 9/11/06.

I am speaking with several people.

Do you know someone - the ideal person for RICO is a person or family
member that lost a loved one, that was also lost their business.
Second, I am looking for one that was injured and lost their job.

If you know of someone, please call me immediately:

free office # (800) 993-PHIL [7445]

Thank you.


Philip J. Berg, Esquire
706 Ridge Pike
Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-1711

William Rodriguez Gets Cover story of New York's Largest Spanish Newspaper

The Key of Rescue- William Rodriguez, The Latin face of 9/11 Special Series.

William Rodriguez, last man out of the North Tower and key activist for the rights of the victims of 9/11, was portrayed on the cover story of El Diario. With a 3 page article, El Diario presented the fight and expectations of William Rodriguez, those themes includes his rescue effort on 9/11, the search for the truth and his political strategy in case if he decides to run for office. Rodriguez's story, well known in Latin America and all over the world, has been mainly suppressed in the USA. His followers are pushing him to run for elective office but he says that he is to busy bringing his mission all over the world. On the article, the reporter noted how he has been fielding interviews from all over the globe and expect to reach an audience of more than 300 million people in televised and live presentations on the 9/11 Anniversary.

Also this Thursday, he will be appearing on a TV special on Univision Network top rated news magazine " Aqui y ahora" ( Here and Now- 30 million viewers) at 10pm. He will talk about his views on what really happened on 9/11 and a panel of government expert will be interviewed to contradict his experiences.

Thanks William for the heads up!

New Movie Focused on William Rodriguez in the Works?

LAST MAN OUT OF WTC - nypost.com

The next 9/11 tale to hit the silver screen could be that of a World Trade Center janitor whose heroism helped save hundreds of lives.

William Rodriguez says he is in talks with actors Charlie Sheen and Esai Morales to turn his riveting story into a feature film - and a top writer-director, David Marconi, is already involved in the project.

In a strange twist on the usual 9/11-hero tale, Rodriguez had pursued a federal lawsuit charging that the Sept. 11 attacks were a conspiracy orchestrated by President Bush to justify wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

But the lawsuit, which named Bush and 54 other government officials and agencies, was dismissed in June. And Marconi says the film would be a straightforward tale of heroism.
Rodriguez met Sheen, Morales and Marconi last month at a 9/11 conference in Los Angeles. "Charlie told me, 'I'd be honored to turn your story into a movie,' " Rodriguez said.

William Rodriguez Q & A

Mr. Rodriguez has been getting so many questions on different threads that we are going to reserve this comments thread for your questions specifically for Mr. Rodriguez, and he will answer them as he can...

Mr. Rodriguez also says he has big news coming out on Sunday, I hate to leave anyone hanging, but that's all we can say for now.

Anyhow, please post your questions below.