Winnipeg 911 Truth

Barrie Zwicker and Lesley Hughes to speak Thursday September 6th, Winnipeg MB Canada

Thursday on the 3rd floor of Mondragon (91 Albert street.) for 7:30 PM, featuring Author, Media Critic Barrie Zwicker & Fromer CBC jounalist, Editor of Canadian Dimension ( Leslie Hughes will be discussing 9/11.

This is a prime location to get together and plan possible actions for the anniversary!

Video - Richard Gage - Updated WTC 7 Analysis

Richard Gage WTC 7 Analysis - University Of Manitoba

The full DVD covering all 3 towers will be available soon.

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Barrie Zwicker on another Winnipeg channel

sorry for the delay folks...still recovering

here is Barrie Zwicker on another local TV station for almost 20 minutes. it's currently airing every 90 minutes until Monday

....more event goodies to come.....

Winnipeg Sun on 9/11 Truth event: Columnist calls it "paranoid nonsense"; letters to editor all pro-Truth

The Winnipeg Sun's columnist Stephen Ripley was not impressed by Barrie Zwicker's presentation on Wednesday. Ripley employed typical smear tactics:

"This isn't the place to challenge Zwicker's theories about the events of Sept. 11. If you want to believe George W. Bush and the U.S. government were complicit in the mass murder of some 3,000 people, that's your right. You can also believe the CIA killed John F. Kennedy, the moon landing was faked and Sanjaya was the real winner of American Idol while you're at it.

But the charges levelled at the media by Zwicker and his fellow panelists deserve closer attention. Despite the applause they received from the audience -- roughly 90% of whom indicated they believe the U.S. government was involved in 9/11 -- they failed to make their case. Heck, they barely even tried."