Winter Soldier

Welcome Home, Soldier: Now Shut Up By Paul Rockwell

"Moral courage is harder. It requires the bearer to walk away from the warm embrace of comradeship and denounce the myth of war as a fraud, to name it as an enterprise of death and immorality, to condemn himself, and those around him, as killers. It requires the bearer to become an outcast. There are times when taking a moral stance, perhaps the highest form of patriotism, means facing down the community, even the nation.”

" . . . only the truth can heal."

Excellent writing. -- Betsy

Welcome Home, Soldier: Now Shut Up

By Paul Rockwell

University of Florida hosts Winter Soldier IVAW Panel

University of Florida & Veterans for Peace host Winter Soldier IVAW Panel

Q&A Session - Winter Soldier at University of Florida

Listen LIVE to Winter Soldier This Weekend on NO LIES RADIO.

Winter Soldier


Friday, March 14th - 9am-7pm EST (6am-4pm PST) (14:00-00:00 GMT)
Saturday, March 15th - 9am-7pm EST (6am-4pm PST) (14:00-00:00 GMT)
Sunday, March 16th - 10am-4pm EST (7am-1pm PST) (15:00-21:00 GMT)

Press for Truth on Free Speech TV

For anyone with Dishnet Satellite Television, Free Speech TV (9415) is airing "Press For Truth" as well as "Winter Soldier" and other informative documentaries on a regular basis. This is not exactly mainstream network TV but is a pleasant surprise.
Here's the schedule.