29e ONZE BOUGE 911 ( every 11th of the month action) in Paris FRANCE (08/11/2009) in the World Peace March marching to New York

Herblay FRANCE
Bonjour , the World March for peace ( )
organised a walk today from la place de la République to Chatelet in Paris, France. A very joyfull and musical march.
I went along with my sandwich boards and the other participants were very receptive on my information about the 11th of September 2001 attacks. Lots of people had questions on the Nano-Thermite. Some were very pleased to see some one from I am taking this day to be my "Onze Bouge" action day. Below you have some photos of the march.

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The Power of the Human Spirit

There are those among us who believe the human spirit is damaged goods. They seek to "replace" it with something they consider superior: science and technology. You see, there is something untamable about humanity, and the "elite" do not like that. Staying easily in power requires ruling over a domesticated population, which is inherently contrary to our nature.

Intellectuals who paint humans as the problem are blind in their own wisdom. By cheerleading the destruction of their own kind, they ask to be robbed of the very things worth living for: the little things--perhaps that many of us neglect to appreciate as we should.

Wickedness and destruction are not the calling of man. Our spirit has the power to overcome all enemies, both domestic and foreign. We possess many flaws, but they will never outweigh the gifts we possess as the stewards of our kind and our world. Because of that, in the endgame, humanity overcomes.



October 5th SUCCESS

Well, Headline news on all stations, Police broke up the protest at 3:30 PM 7 people arrested for sitting in the street and not ebeying police. Check out our news stations. Portland , Oregon
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please post your stuff from around the country. The media is spinning it a little, but the word is out!