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31e Onze Bouge in Paris 911 truth for world peace and justice. (Every 11th of the month 911 truth action)

Our 31e Onze Bouge in Paris at Gare Saint-Lazare for the truth on the 9/11 attacks 2001 for world peace and justice.

We were at least nine at Gare Saint-Lazare between 15h00 and till late As usual Yves Ducourneau had well organised the gathering with his photos and personnel books and documents which he put on exposition.
Some people were shocked to hear that some of us have been

The truth is getting out but if only we could get the journalists to take up the matter the truth would get out quicker.
In the meantime, we need more 911 thruthers to leave their computers for a half day and go down on the street and be seen at least each 11 th of the month.
Below is Yves's report is below in English and French see annex °1 et °2

Strategy for national security: Department of Peace or Wars on Terror?

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“Some people project their fears onto others. They believe that if we are aggressive enough, and attack the ‘other,’ we will be safe.

But security does not come from violence. Indeed, all of the people and empires that have tried to defend themselves by attacking others fell in a dramatic fashion. The saying "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" comes from the simple fact that violence cannot provide lasting security.

Instead, real security comes from cooperation, justice, dignity and freedom. When there is cooperation, and when people enjoy justice, dignity and freedom, they are not motivated to commit violence on others. That brings real security.” –

A Veterans Immediate Call to Literary Arms-

An Immediate Call to Literary Arms-

A monumental undertaking in Massachusetts is taking place tentatively Tuesday the 24th of October. I have assembled a small contingency including a member of Scholars for Truth 9/11, myself (a peacetime vet), and Veterans for Peace member. We have a meeting scheduled with officers of a local VFW post, including one who is chairman for all posts in Massachusetts. Given the VFW's past reluctance to entertain any notion of government complicity or corruption, the support of all vets, peace or wartime, will bear great weight in supporting this endeavor.
The officers will be presented with elements of the military oath that we all swore to when we entered the armed forces, notable portions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and even the Pledge of Allegiance, before presenting to them valid proof that the Constitution is being slowly dismantled, the Bill of Rights are being shredded one amendment at a time, and the President and notable cohorts have structured laws placing themselves illegally above the law, while making it legal for them to punish (including torture) supporters of the Constitution.
If this encounter with the VFW is successful, it may spread successfully thru out the entire contingency of a powerful ally in the war to save the Constitution of the United States. The next alliance acquisition would be the American Legion, which will be equally as important an alliance.

My economist friend just won the Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Yunus was principal technical advisor to a project I undertook to establish a microcredit program at the Agency for International Development in 1987. We worked together for a few years (1985 - 1990 and since), and Yunus on several occasions, stayed in my house in Gaithersburg, when he was visiting Washington DC. I was delighted to learn that he has finally won the international acclaim that his extraordinary achievement has long deserved. But it should have been Economics and Peace. If ever a man deserved a double from the Nobel Committee it is Dr. Muhammad Yunus, professor of economics, Chittagong University, founder and Managing Director of the Grameen Bank, Bangladesh and of the Grameen Trust. (Grameen = village, rural).

The Grameen Bank in Bangladesh is the most successful human endeavor in existence. Working in the poorest country in the world (in 1974 a famine killed more than a million people in Bangladesh) and with no more than $27, Yunus created a miracle. Astonishing ingenuity, combined with radical faith in his fellow human beings led him to an economic discovery that could rightly be considered the exact opposite of economics as we know it.