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9/11 meeting sparks town hall row

Nick Clegg, Ian Hodgson and Calvin Butcher
are organising the meeting at Oxford Town Hall


9/11 meeting sparks town hall row

An event at Oxford Town Hall marking the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York has been criticised as insensitive to victims.

But Oxford City Council has defended its policy of not censoring events staged at the venue.

Films will be shown supporting conspiracy theories about the atrocity, including suggestions that the US government could itself have been behind the attack.

The event has been organised by the Oxford 9/11 Truth Group, formed two years ago by office administrator Ian Hodgson to press for a new investigation into what happened.

On Tuesday, the sixth anniversary of the atrocity, he will show a number of films which he claims will open the public's eyes to the reality of twin towers' destruction.

911TSL Preview II

This is a brief look at a few misleading illustrations, including figures 2-1 & 2-2 from FEMA's World Trade Center Building Performance Study, and NOVA's illustration of the WTC core.

Each of the images below depicts a cross-section of one of the Twin Towers, using a 512x512 pixel image as a scale basis for the creation of the 47 core columns at the center of each tower.

These models were created in Second Life.

First, FEMA 403 fig. 2-2, (Representative structural framing plan, upper floors), in which the core columns are depicted by red dots.

These dots are identical in size and placement to the depiction of core columns in fig. 2-1 (a structural framing plan representative of an upper floor in the towers).

Educational study of the 'collapses' we saw on 9/11

Was it really collapses we saw on TV september 11 2001?

Was it really because of the planes impact and the following fires that World Trade Center 1, 2 & 7 came to the ground?
Or did they in fact explode from top to bottom?

It all happaned very fast.
The Twin Towers were 417 meters tall - 63,5 x 63,5 meters wide - and were more or less pulverized in approximately 12 seconds.

Critics of the official account claim this is equivalent to free fall speed. That would mean zero(0) restistance from the buildings own steel and concrete structure on the way down. Zero.

But the Twin Towers were supported by a core of 47 massive steel beams and 236 on the outer sides.
Could really this fast and total demolition be possible without some kind of explosives?

Professor left 9/11 book as legacy


Monday, August 20, 2007

Professor left 9/11 book as legacy

Manuscript is about her son who died in trade center blast, and pilot who crashed plane.

Francis X. Donnelly / The Detroit News

ANN ARBOR -- Marilynn Rosenthal was a distinguished sociologist known for her dogged pursuit of the culture of medicine, but that wasn't the last thing she studied before her death Aug. 9.

Her final research was more personal: Why was her son murdered?

For five years, she worked on a book about the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Joshua Rosenthal, 44, a pension portfolio manager who worked on the 94th floor of the World Trade Center, died after a hijacked plane struck the south tower.

"She was interested in learning, intellectually, what happened," said her daughter, Helen.

Marilynn Rosenthal, 77, professor emerita at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, focused the book on two people: her son and Marwan al-Shehhi, who flew the plane into the trade center.

Fire to damaged Deustche Bank building does not lead to collapse

August 18, 2007
Fire at Building Damaged on Sept. 11

Filed at 5:54 p.m. ET

NEW YORK (AP) -- A four-alarm fire in the abandoned Deustche Bank skyscraper sent a plume of gray smoke trailing above ground zero Saturday afternoon as firetrucks and police cars raced through lower Manhattan to reach a building already decimated by the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The tower, left vacant since 9/11 turned it into a toxic nightmare, had flames on multiple floors, according to the Fire Department. Construction crews had already dismantled 14 of the building's 40 stories, reaching the 26th floor on Tuesday.

The cause of the fire was unknown, but smoke pouring from the burning building was visible from midtown Manhattan and the New Jersey side of the Hudson River. NYU Downtown Hospital reported its emergency room was treating at least one patient brought in from the blaze.

The acrid smell of smoke, which hung over the neighborhood for days after Sept. 11, returned to lower Manhattan along with the wail of emergency vehicles.

United 175 Nose Dive Bomber - South Tower

On 9/11/2001 flight 175 dropped into a deadly nose dive and locked in to position on a collision course with the south tower. With unearthly precision, the plane banks the whole time zeroing in on the towers at full speed.

NOTE the very last tilt to the left the plane does just before impact - Looks very AUTOMATIC!

I have a hard time embracing the 'No Plane Theory'...

THE ROOT parts 1 & 2

THE AQUARIAN 1 posted links to parts 1 & 2 of this movie under the History Channel message boards thread "Questions no 911 Conspiracy wacko can answer and never will!" ( Although it was originally posted on YouTube a little under three months ago I thought I'd repost it here for those 911Blogggers who have yet to see it.

Directed By Danny Gosser. Cinematography by Rene Aguirre.

THE ROOT part 1

THE ROOT part 2

Minister has to deny linking Bush to 9/11 attack


From The Times

July 9, 2007

Minister has to deny linking Bush to 9/11 attack

Charles Bremner in Paris

A French Cabinet minister sought yesterday to play down remarks in which she appeared to say that President Bush may have been behind the terrorist attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001.

Christine Boutin, 63, Minister for Housing and Town Planning in President Sarkozy’s Government, said that her comments had been distorted in a video that was circulated on the internet.

During an interview with a small French television channel in November, Ms Boutin was asked if the Bush Administration might have been involved in the destruction of the World Trade Centre in New York, and the attack on the Pentagon. “I think it is possible,” she said.

Justice Dept. ripped on 9/11 benefit case

Glenn Winuk


Justice Dept. ripped on 9/11 benefit case


Posted Thursday, June 28th 2007, 4:00 AM

A federal judge slammed as "arbitrary" the government's denial of survivor benefits to a longtime Jericho volunteer firefighter killed at the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Federal Claims Court Judge Marian Blank Horn said the federal government should have recognized the volunteer firefighter status of Glenn Winuk. Her decision cleared the way for his family to receive $250,000.

"It's not about the money. It's never been about the money. It's about recognizing the sacrifice this man made," said attorney Andrew Maloney, who worked pro bono for Winuk's parents.

Winuk, 40, was not married and had no children.

Research team receive threats after releasing 9/11 simulation


Research team receive threats after releasing 9/11 simulation

By Mikel Livingston

Publication Date: 06/27/07

The research team behind a scientifically rendered 3-D animation of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center is beginning to experience the effects of its 2 1/2 year project – not all of which is positive.

The animation, which depicts the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower, was placed on Purdue's Department of Computer Science Web site in early April and has since garnered nationwide media attention from and NBC news.

"It is not easy to see the tragedy in such vivid detail," said Christoph Hoffmann, a computer science professor and a lead researcher for the project. "But (the animation) has generated a lot of debate, which is positive."

But, as the team has since found, there is a darker side to success.

Whitman on hot seat over 9/11 aftermath


Whitman on hot seat over 9/11 aftermath

By DEVLIN BARRETT, Associated Press Writer

Ex-EPA chief Christie Whitman denounced as "downright falsehoods" the criticism of her assurances that it was safe to breathe the air around the fallen World Trade Center.

"There are people to blame. They are the terrorists that attacked the United States, not the men and women of all levels of government," Whitman said Monday at a hearing where she faced some of her toughest congressional critics.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a Democrat whose district includes the World Trade Center site, called the hearing after years of criticizing federal officials for what he says was a negligent and incomplete cleanup after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

He opened the session by saying the Bush administration "has continued to make false, misleading and inaccurate statements, and refused to take remedial actions, even in the face of overwhelming evidence."

Whitman, the main focus of much of that criticism, called such allegations "misinformation, innuendo and downright falsehoods."

9/11 Simulation Taxes Purdue Servers


June 22, 2007, 10:48 am

9/11 Simulation Taxes Purdue Servers

By Sewell Chan

It’s unusual for an academic computer-science department to brag about its prowess on YouTube, but that’s exactly what happened this month after Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., released a study into the causes of the collapse of the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001.

A two-year Purdue University study released this month supports a federal agency’s conclusion that the impact of the hijacked jetliners stripped away fireproofing material, causing the weakened towers to eventually collapse under their own weight.

The video is a counterpoint to the conspiracy theories that still surround the collapse of the World Trade Center (and such outspoken figures as Rosie O’Donnell appear to be sympathetic to these arguments).•

Top White House Aide Defends Handling of 9/11 Air Problems


Posted: Wednesday, 20 June 2007 10:41AM

Top White House Aide Defends Handling of 9/11 Air Problems

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A top White House official on Wednesday defended the government's handling of post-Sept. 11 air contamination at ground zero.

"In all instances, federal agencies acted with the best available data at the time, and updated their communications and actions as new information was obtained,'' James Connaughton, head of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, said in prepared testimony to a Senate panel led by Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton, D-N.Y., has sternly criticized the government for not doing enough to protect ground zero workers and lower Manhattan residents from the tons of toxic dust released by the collapse of the World Trade Center.

An internal government investigation found the Environmental Protection Agency offered public assurances in the days after the attacks without scientific data to back up those claims.