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9/11 survivor calls for new inquiry

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9/11 survivor calls for new inquiry

18 June 2007 | 12:16


CONSPIRACY theorists marched through Ipswich town centre campaigning for an investigation into the 9/11 terror attacks.

Around 15 people from the Ipswich Truth Campaign took part in the march on Saturday where they denounced the official story of the 2001 atrocity as a “pack of lies”.

The event was also designed to raise awareness of a talk being given in Ipswich by William Rodriguez, a janitor working at the World Trade Centre on September 11 who was later decorated for his heroism in rescuing survivors.

Mr Rodriguez claims he heard an explosion prior to the plane striking the North Tower and believes it was in fact the US government which was behind the attacks.

Carl Friar, march co-organiser, said: “There should be a reinvestigation into 9/11 because we don't have all the information.

JPMorgan to build bank tower at 9/11 site

Last night I saw Richard Gage's presentation on Google Video about the collapse of the WTC. It was the first time I heard that insurance companies covering buildings were able to hike up their premiums by 2000% after 9/11. No wonder they don't want to tangle with Larry Silverstein. Each and every one of them has everything to gain by remaining quiet and everything to lose through infighting.


Thursday, 14 June 2007

JPMorgan to build bank tower at 9/11 site

JPMorgan Chase & Co plans to move its investment bank to a new tower at the office complex to be built on the "Ground Zero" World Trade Center site, a source familiar with the situation has said.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the government agency that controls the site, said in April that it was negotiating with the No. 3 US banking group about building an office tower just south of the complex that was destroyed on September 11, 2001.

New York State Governor Eliot Spitzer alerted reporters in an advisory that he was holding a news conference on Thursday about a "major economic development announcement."

Video shows aftermath of 9/11 collapses


Video shows aftermath of 9/11 collapses

June 13, 2007

Purdue faculty members have created a scientific animation of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center that shows what happened to the towers after planes crashed into them. The project was funded in part by the National Science Foundation.


The animation shows how a plane went through several stories of the north tower and the effect the plane's body and fuel had on the structure as well as the effects of glass, dust and other factors in the destruction of the tower.

The simulation found that the planes peeled away shortly after impact and the engines flew through the building like bullets.


Confirming another simulation, the Purdue model showed that it was the 10,000 gallons of fuel that caused the most damage, knocking out essential structural columns and removing fireproof insulation.

US hero of 9/11 to speak at university


US hero of 9/11 to speak at university

Jun 12 2007

A HEROIC survivor of the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Centre is to give a talk at Warwick University this month.

American William Rodriguez was a janitor and the last survivor out of the North Tower of the building, and saved many lives.

He has been honoured five times at the White House, is the President of The Hispanic Victims' Group, and an internationally recognised peace campaigner.

As part of a European tour, Mr Rodriguez will talk about his experiences at the main lecture theatre of Warwick University's Social Studies Department on June 20 at 7pm.

Event organiser, Jack Morgan, said: "I'm delighted to be helping Mr Rodriguez to spread his message of courage, truth and justice here at Warwick University."

The event is free.

Deadline Approaching For 9/11 First Responders To Receive Benefits


Deadline Approaching For 9/11 First Responders To Receive Benefits

June 07, 2007

A group of city employees who worked at the World Trade Center site after the September 11th terrorist attacks gathered at City Hall Thursday to get the word out about applying for disability benefits.

The deadline is coming up and those who spent time in the pit, at Fresh Kills or in the temporary morgue are urging others to act before they lose their chance.

They say anyone who's feeling sick from working at those locations between September 11th, 2001 and September 12th, 2002 – and has documentation to prove it – is entitled to apply.

"There are thousands of rescue workers and recovery workers out there who need to get their paperwork in, to file to get their pensions changed from regular pension to disability pension,” said first responder Glen Klein.

"There've been different numbers, but about 113,000 people worked at Ground Zero,” said Sean Riordan, an attorney. “Approximately 13,000 – which was the last number given to me – had put in the notice of participation."

Conspiracy theories on the Internet and on the loose


ON LINE opinion - Australia's e-journal of social and political debate

Conspiracy theories on the Internet and on the loose

By Steve Clarke

Posted Thursday, 7 June 2007

In the days before the Internet (remember back then?) a jobbing conspiracy theorist would release the occasional book, appear in this or that public forum and maybe get a segment on a television documentary or two. All of this could be expected to generate a reasonable amount of publicity. But if our conspiracy theorist was after mass publicity and a global audience then things were going to be tough. The best bet would be to suck up to Oliver Stone, in the hope of persuading him to make a Hollywood blockbuster based on their favoured conspiracy theory.

9/11 families jeer Rudy - Protesters say he’s not fit for White House

Protesters gathered outside the Bay Ridge Manor
while Giuliani was inside.



9/11 families jeer Rudy - Protesters say he’s not fit for White House

By Helen Klein

Inside the Bay Ridge Manor, smiling supporters may have been toasting former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani with a bit of the bubbly and nibbling on slices of birthday cake.

But, it was a vastly different scene outside. Penned beyond metal barricades, across the street from the catering hall, which is located at 476 76th Street, protesters holding signs were making it crystal clear that they had little truck with “hizzoner,” who currently is running for the Republican presidential nomination and whose fundraiser was in full swing beyond the building’s brick façade.

Their purpose in protesting was directly tied to Giuliani’s presidential aspirations. As he tries to make his way to the White House, he is attempting to capitalize on his image as the hero of 9/11.

Connect The Dots Of Those Who Are Connected


Connect The Dots Of Those
Who Are Connected

By David Truskoff

04 June, 2007

Start connecting the dots at the very beginning.

On the 27th of February 1933, the Reichstag (German parliament) caught fire. Hitler described the fire as a "beacon from heaven". History shows that it removed many obstacles to the Nazi power grab and led directly to the rise of Hitler and the brutal killing spree that followed. Communists were blamed, and many were rounded up and imprisoned, but evidence shows the Nazi’s were responsible for the fire. "You are now witnessing the beginning of a great epoch in German history...This fire is the beginning," Hitler told a news reporter at the scene. What followed was death, destruction, and horror. The Bush family is all too well acquainted with that part of history as Prescott Bush (GW’s grandfather) was instrumental in bringing Hitler to power. One former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor insisted that Prescott Bush should have been prosecuted for, "giving aid and comfort to the enemy."

Giuliani does flip-flop on 9/11


Published - Sunday, June 03, 2007

Giuliani does flip-flop on 9/11

Rudy Giuliani has changed his story about 9/11. And if you bother to see the video on YouTube, Giuliani is not talking about World Trade Center No. 7. He firmly states he does not know its condition. Therefore, he was told before the collapse about the first two towers coming down.

Why doesn’t America know that he was warned that the towers were going to collapse?

Because the media are too busy with NASCAR and “American Idol” to care.

Consider this: On Tuesday, members of a 9/11 truth activist group confronted former Mayor Rudy Giuliani at a New York fundraiser about the fall of the World Trade Center. Giuliani’s politely phrased response, caught by WNBC news cameras filming the event, was, “I didn’t know that the towers were going to collapse.”

9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center

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9/11: Missing Black Boxes in World Trade Center

Friday, June 01, 2007

One of the more puzzling mysteries of 9-11 is what ever happened to the flight recorders of the two planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. Now it appears that they may not be missing at all.

Counterpunch has learned that the FBI has them.

New Study Links Cancer To Ground Zero Toxins


May 31, 2007 10:31 am US/Eastern

New Study Links Cancer To Ground Zero Toxins
Mt. Sinai: 'Third Wave' Of 9/11 Illnesses Appear

See Also -- Slideshow: The World Trade Center Remembered's 9/11 Special Report

Magee Hickey

(CBS) NEW YORK There are new cancer concerns at Ground Zero. Doctors fear a third wave of illness is starting to show up among first responders who worked in the rubble of the Twin Towers.

For many years, scientists reported that it was too soon to link cancers to the toxins that workers were exposed to at Ground Zero after 9/11. But new research could start linking exposure to blood cancers.

More than 20,000 responders to the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks have been examined by doctors at Mount Sinai's World Trade Center Medical Monitoring Program, and those doctors are now worried about some of those responders could soon be facing a devastating "third wave" of illnesses.

The concern is that those who worked at Ground Zero will be diagnosed with blood and lymphatic cancers because of their exposure to the air at "The Pit."

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter: Molten What?

Journal of 9/11 Studies Letter

Molten What?
Jerry Lobdill
29 March 2007

There is much misunderstanding about the meaning of the colors we see when we look at pictures of the WTC towers before they fell. 9/11 literature is full of faulty assumptions, assertions, and conclusions. In this short paper I will present a case for how the pictures should be interpreted regarding the colors of thermal emissions we see in them. The case is based on the physics of black body radiation and gravity flow of liquids.


Dr. Jones demonstrated by experiment that organic material floats on the liquid aluminum and burns up (oxidizes). Further, the liquid aluminum in this experiment was never heated to the point where it no longer appeared silvery. This experiment gave the expected result. Organic material would not change the color vs temperature behavior of aluminum.

The conclusion of this analysis is inescapable. The liquid metal was molten iron.

Note: This article is related to the discussion found in this letter

Glowing Aluminum Disinformation (Feb 8, 2007)

The World Trade Center Building Designers: Claims strongly implicate that the Towers should have remained standing on 9/11

The World Trade Center Building Designers: Claims strongly implicate that the Towers should have remained standing on 9/11[1]

By Arabesque[2]

The World Trade Center (WTC) Towers were the largest buildings ever conceived in 1960.[3] This meant that there was a considerable amount of planning:

The structural analysis carried out by the firm of Worthington, Skilling, Helle & Jackson is the most complete and detailed of any ever made for any building structure. The preliminary calculations alone cover 1, 200 pages and involve over 100 detailed drawings… The building as designed is sixteen times stiffer than a conventional structure. The design concept is so sound that the structural engineer has been able to be ultra-conservative in his design without adversely affecting the economics of the structure.[4]

Workshops in WTC War-Gamed a Terrorist Attack on Wall Street

Check out the following new entry from the Complete 9/11 Timeline, about a series of workshops held in the World Trade Center between 2000 and 2001 that, among other things, considered a terrorist strike on Wall Street:

300 true believers get their 9/11 ‘truth’ from BAI host at St. Mark’s


Volume 76, Number 45 | April 4 - 10, 2007

300 true believers get their 9/11 ‘truth’ from BAI host at St. Mark’s

By Mary Reinholz

April Fools’ Day fell this spring on Palm Sunday and it was a solemn occasion at St. Mark’s Church in the Bowery. There, after Sunday services, some 300 apparent true believers packed the sanctuary in the early afternoon and heard politically charged conspiracy theories surrounding the fall of the World Trade Center five-and-a-half years ago.

Ralph Schoenman, the militant left-wing co-host of WBAI radio’s “Taking Aim” program, was the draw for the varied crowd of aging beatniks, East Village couples and singletons and assorted punk anarchists and antiwar activists in black T-shirts. They paid $8 apiece to be told that the tragic events of that day represented an “inside job” and “terror at the top” of the U.S. government.