World War III

Are Dalai Lama visits with US, UK, France a “provocation” for China’s staged role in WW3?

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The Dalai Lama confessed to receive CIA funds in their revolutionary attempts to split from China. As US and Israel lying rhetoric for war with Iran escalate and echoed by US corporate media, as Iran is considered a main source of oil for China, as WW3 is a real threat given that WW2 sprung from a series of smaller occupations cumulating with a false flag attack on Poland and WW1 sprung from a single political assassination in a context of competing empires, the “chess masters” behind the scenes of politics might have more in mind than a simple visit between President Obama and an exiled religious feudal-system divine monarch (and here).

In analysis, Webster Tarpley provides context in your choice of a brief 5-minute discussion and a longer 26-minute group analysis below.

British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran

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US “leadership” and their corporate media minions are pushing juvenile-level propaganda for war with Iran; lies that anyone can verify with a few moments’ attention. If you haven’t already confirmed the Orwellian-level disinformation, stop and read the above two links now.

Many people hypothesize the confirmed lies for wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, and a final war with Iran, is to control oil. Connected is the theory that US political and economic “masters” are so confident in their propaganda, and so correct in their conclusion that the critical mass of humanity is too feeble to stop them, that they brazenly move forward for global hegemony.

This article provides a different explanation of the facts; with heightened urgency to prevent war with Iran, as it is a planned step to begin a Third World War.

With regard to the negotiations over Iran's "nuclear program"; here's what the Iranians should say to Bush and his handlers:

Ok, as a result of what allegedly happened to you on 9/11/01, you
claim to be fighting a "War on Terror", whereupon you attacked and
invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq. Now, apparently, under the rubric
of the said "War on Terror", you demand that Iran stop enriching
uranium - an activity we see as our legitimate, legal right.

We will agree to indefinately suspend the enrichment of uranium on our
soil under one simple condition: You prove, by way of a comprehensive,
independent, transparent, international investigation, into both the
attacks of 9/11/01 and the subsequent "Anthrax attacks", that the
events of 9/11/2001, transpired substantially as you have claimed they

And to demonstrate our good faith, we'll agree to immediately suspend
enrichment of uranium pending the outcome of the investigation;
moreover, we'll seek international donations to pay any expenses
associated with the new investigation.

Consider the Olympic Torch Protests in the Context of the Buildup Towards War with Iran

Today's Olympic torch protests emphasize the tremendous public relations nightmare China faces concerning its human rights abuses in Tibet and its upcoming Olympic games. Consider this article from AFP:

Growing anti-China protests underscore clout of Tibet lobby

A caption:

"It shows the power of international civil society groups, which China failed to take into account when it bid for the Olympics," said Asian expert Mohan Malik of the Hawaii-based Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies.

In March, barely five months before the start of the summer Games, anti-China protests erupted in Lhasa, countered by a fierce crackdown which earned Beijing international condemnation. The flame relay quickly became a mobile rallying point for anti-Beijing protesters.

"The fact that the Olympic flame was extinguished -- even though by officials for safety reasons -- was a remarkable victory for the protests and a big loss of face for the Chinese leadership," Malik said."

Where is this world heading?

I probably dont need to go into much detail as to how and why i have ended up here. Im sure most of us went through the same process of become your own personal investigator on events and collected evidence and drew your own conclusions based on what we personally found.
Like everyone i did my research. I have also tried my best to present the evidence to those who were uninformed and or misinformed. At that point i ran into something interesting.
I started to ask myself what now? I started searching for answers, for something to guide me further. I searched looking for some solutions that we informed people may have presented. This act alone shows that we have lost or dont use our abilities to create solutions....think for ourselves. This act justifies the governments position to believe that most americans are unable to live in a free society. We the people have chosen not to be involved in the governments decisions. We the people have stopped demanding to make the government accountable. We the people have become so wrapped up in out own lives that we have lost what our forefathers created for us.

All that being said i will present a theory of mine that supports what may be the real reason why the shadow government acts as they do.

Is War With Iran Inevitable?

If 9/11 was designed to herald in a broader agenda of American hegemony, it stands to reason that Iran remains on a very short list of targets.

I early bloggered here: that Debka was reporting a buildup of carrier groups in the region. There was some debate as to whether Debka is a reliable source (which I agree - it is speculative at best) – but there is some circumstantial evidence indicating that the build-up is indeed occurring – including a story I found that ran in the Navy Times – as well as this recent and startling story that Iran took photos of one such carrier group utilizing spy planes:

And now Debka is reporting this:

USS Boxer Strike Group, entered the Persian Gulf Thursday, Nov. 9, the largest US landing force to reach this water in a decade

The Boxer Expeditionary Strike Group (BOXESG) now in the US Fifth Fleet area headquartered in Bahrain, consists of Boxer (picture), Amphibious Squadron 5, the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit (Seals), the Coast Guard cutter Midgett and
Canadian frigate HMCS Ottawa, as well as the USS Dubuque, USS Comstock, the largest landing craft in the US Navy, USS Bunker Hill and the guided missile destroyers USS Benfold and USS Howard.

The Master Plan for the World

and its effect on Resource Stocks

Clive Maund
Sep 29, 2006
original article

When you understand how the recent attack on Lebanon fits into the "Grand Plan" for the Middle East, you have an immediate and substantial advantage over other investors in the Energy and Precious Metals sectors.

In order to comprehend what is going on in the Middle East and in the wider world for that matter it is necessary to have a grasp of certain realities. For reasons which we will not go into here, the countries of Israel, the United Kingdom and the United States constitute an "Axis", and they will hereafter be referred to as "The Axis". The elites who control these countries are one and the same, they have identical objectives and move as one. This is not to say, however, that these same elites don't control or partially control many other countries, they do, of course, as they also control many world bodies such as the United Nations, which they have effectively neutered and reduced to a costly talking shop. But their "centre of gravity", their "home turf" is clearly these three countries.

The UK has an interesting geopolitical role to play within the Axis power bloc.