Worst case scenario

My nasty little thought

I had a nasty little thought recently and I'd like to run it past the 911 community for reaction. Here it is:

If, as seems likely, 911 WAS an inside job, then that says a lot about the bush regime. It says that they WILL sacrifice their own countrymen for a reason meaningful to them. It says that their agenda is more important to them than the national constitution, the wishes of the population and the rule of law.

It also implies that there may be more events equally contrived and cataclysmic in the making.

Ok. So. We know that for every US soldier in Iraq there is a paid mercenary soldier [roughly 150,000]. These guys may, or may not, be american. They fight for money and nothing else. They owe allegience to their paymaster and no one else.

Now. If I was a very bad person and wanted to stay in power long after the rule of law [which I have already ignored] says I should step down, what might I do?

Well for a start I'd get rid of as many of the opposition as possible.