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Debra Medina, Texas Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Questions 9/11 and then Backs Off Under Pressure

We have all seen it before. We have seen it with the two "Vans" - Van Romero and Van Jones. After openly questioning the official story, they then "recant."

This story is currently on the front page of Google News with many outlets covering it.

In a nutshell: Debra Medina has apparently questioned 9/11 before, and Glenn Beck knew about it. He confronted Medina about it on his radio show.

From the CS Monitor:

CBC's "Fifth Estate" program to air AE 9/11 Truth Nov 27

CBC TV’s “Fifth Estate” Program Airs AE911Truth Nov 27
— Richard Gage, AIA

On September 11 of this year, we were interviewed on September 11 in New York at the We Demand Transparency conference by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "Fifth Estate" program. This is the equivalent of "60 Minutes" in Canada. It is set to air on November 27.

The producers of the National Geographic Channel assured us that they would air the evidence we highlighted for them on their show 9/11: Science and Conspiracy. They even showed us these segments in their "rough cut," which we were quite satisfied with. However, the final show aired none of our evidence, and they claimed that we had none. We were determined not to let this happen a second time with the CBC.

Kevin Ryan: Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite

Top 10 Connections Between NIST and Nanothermite
Posted by srsean1968 on October 22, 2009

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has had considerable difficulty determining a politically correct sequence of events for the unprecedented destruction of three World Trade Center (WTC) buildings on 9/11. But despite a number of variations in NIST’s story, it never considered explosives or pyrotechnic materials in any of its hypotheses. This omission is at odds with several other striking facts; first, the requirement of the national standard for fire investigation (NFPA 921), which calls for testing related to thermite and other pyrotechnics, and second, the extensive experience NIST investigators have with explosive and thermite materials.

by Kevin R. Ryan

Original paper available here (PDF)

Note: for better readability, we have removed important references to this online version of the paper. The original published version contains several pages of references.

“Was the steel tested for explosives or thermite residues? … NIST did not test for the residue of these compounds in the steel.”
NIST Responses to FAQs, August 2006

Followup Letter to NC Physics Professors about the Collapse of the WTC Buildings.

As told in my earlier blog (, I had sent emails to 37 NC State Physics professors asking for help in trying to understand the contradictions of the 9/11 collapse of the WTC. I recieved no help at all after almost three months.

Here is a followup letter that I have just sent to each professor individually, and I have corrected the website for Architects and Engineers for 911 truth. I'm looking forward to some kind of response. I'll let you know.

While I am happy to have suggestions and corrections to my efforts, I think I must remind all of you that I am no expert, researcher, or physicist. There may be a lot of finer points I could make. But I am a layman, asking experts for some basic understanding. I think honest letters from laymen to the experts at universities is the best strategy to try to get academia thinking about 9/11 truth and even supporting it.
I think that getting no, or very little, response to simple questions from an average citizen like me is very telling.
We'll see what the lasted request brings.

NC State Physics Professors, All of Them, Refuse to Answer Basic Questions About the Collapse of the WTC Buildings

Over two months ago I sent an email to every full physics professors at North Carolina State University, 37 of them, requesting help in evaluating the information and evidence about the collapse of the WTC on 9/11. I mentioned that I am not an expert in physics, but I have seen many contradictions between the official story of 9/11 and what many have shown to be valid evidence. I gave them some of the sources for the evidence, such as free fall speed of collapse, Jones/Ryan's paper on nanothermite, the molten iron, etc. I explained how very important it is to understand what actually brought down the buildings and clear the air about these contradictions.

Operation Blackout

Worldwide Release: September 11th, 2009

On April 3rd, 2009 one of the most important and explosive scientific paper was released by scientists from 3 countries. The paper is entitled “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” and demonstrates that unignited explosive residues were found in the dust of the World Trade Center collapse. This highly advanced nano-size explosive called nanothermite, which is not made in a cave in Afghanistan but rather in US defense contractor labs, could be responsible for the destruction of the Twin Towers and Building 7 on September 11, 2001.

9/11 scare as Sydney Centrepoint tower engulfed in smoke,27574,25538250-5006009,00.html

By Adam Walters

May 26, 2009 12:00am

IT had all the appearances of a towering inferno, chillingly reminiscent of September 11 as a column of thick black smoke shrouded Sydney's tallest building yesterday.

But there were no evacuations from Centrepoint Tower, no injuries - and apparently the only chaos came in conflicting official versions of events.

A statement from Westfield shopping centre management said the fire, sparked during demolition work on the 12 floor "was extinguished by staff with no disruption to work in other areas of the project". But the fire brigade's media unit was telling a different story in a press release headlined: "Firefighters control high rise fire at Centrepoint."

"More than 40 firefighters were on scene within minutes and their quick action in rapidly accessing and extinguishing the fire averted chaos in the inner city," NSW Fire Brigades Commissioner Greg Mullins said in the release.

Many shocked city workers were sure they were seeing a disaster.

Details Emerge on New WTC Collapse Videos

Details Emerge on new WTC Collapse Videos
The Corbett Report talks to source connected to the footage

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
06 November, 2008

A source connected to the previously unreleased footage of the collapse of WTC1 and WTC7 which suddenly appeared on internet video-sharing site last weekend has revealed details about the footage to The Corbett Report.

According to the source, the videos available on the internet come from a DVD that was compiled from raw footage taken in New York on September 11. The video on the internet has not been edited or manipulated in any way from the footage on the DVD, although the 'replay' of each collapse has been slowed down by 50 percent. The source indicated, however, that the raw footage had been edited before it was put on the DVD, thus explaining the sudden cut from a close-up of the North Tower to a long shot of the entire building with the collapse already underway.

A "Pull No Punches" Interview with Dr. Shyam Sunder, the lead WTC investigator for NIST on No Lies Radio.

Click Here To Listen --

Building 7 Collapse Interview with Dr. Shyam Sunder of N.I.S.T.
Coming up Sunday, August 24th at 1:30pm Pacific - 4:30pm Eastern - 20:30 GMT
Repeated Monday, August 25th at 1:30pm Pacific - 4:30pm Eastern - 20:30 GMT
Will be archived here after the broadcasts.

Nist Final Report Uses Fire/ Single Column Failure(column 79)/Thermal Expansion?

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,

Nist Final Report WTC7 Uses Fire/ Single Column Failure (column 79)/ Thermal Expansion as the reason for the collapse of WTC7. So here we are again repeating history. We went from the single bullet (Kennedy Assassination) to the single column. I guess if the "single theory" worked in the past they figured it could work again. NOT!

Take Care Matt

Windsor Tower inferno pic, vs. pic of woman standing in gaping hole in WTC tower

I ran across a great picture of the Windsor Tower conflagration and posted it side by side with the image from 9/11 of a woman standing in the dark hole in the WTC made by the plane.

The Windsor fire raged out of control for 28 hours, while both WTC towers "collapsed" in less than 2 hours.

Good link for friends who try to tell you that the fires weakened the steel and initiated the collapse.

Someone to Watch Over Them

Congress now requires "peer review' of Corps of Engineers decisions,
but it does not require the Corps to heed the reviews" or the reviewers.

By David Winkler-Schmit

'They (the Corps) do have to do peer review under the law," says Garrett Graves, director of the Governor's Office of Coastal Affairs. "But there's nothing under the current plan that would prohibit them from doing a peer review, having the peer review come back and find major flaws, and the Corps simply ignoring [the review's findings]. There's no binding attribution to the peer review."

Full Story: (click here)

It has been suggested that Boehlert's task force might conclude that ASCE should no longer probe national disasters. The society also looked into the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center. If Boehlert's task force reaches that conclusion, it gives rise to other questions: Who should review the work of investigators? And, of more local significance, will the Corps ever be made to listen?

The Case for Controlled Demolition

Retired public defender William Veale presents a concise summary of some of the science behind the controlled demolition hypothesis of the complete collapse of WTC buildings 1,2, and 7 on 9/11.

This is a clip from "Improbable Collapse: The Demolition of Our Republic" -

World Trade Center - The North Tower "Collapse"

6 years to build - 12 seconds to destroy

417 meters tall - 63,5 meters wide

When the World Trade Center towers were demolished they took the path of most resistance - straight down. Trough their own concrete and steel structures - in approximately 12 seconds.

You can time it yourself with the clock in the bottom of the screen.

Note the way hundreds of thousand tons of concrete and massive steel beams are being thrown like confetti more than 100 meters to the sides and up in an arch away from the tower, as it evidently explodes!

Or do you still believe it "collapsed"?

Many more videos of the so called collapses can be found in the link below

Available For Review: Keith Seffen's Simple Analysis Of The WTC "Collapse"

The existence of the paper, "Progressive Collapse of the World Trade Centre: a Simple Analysis", by University of Cambridge senior lecturer Keith Seffen, is no longer in doubt.

Dr. Seffen has claimed his paper shows the collapse of the WTC towers was "destined to be rapid and total" once it began, and the rapid and total destruction of the towers was "an ordinary thing to have happened."

The paper was cited on September 11, 2007, by the BBC and others, who reported it as having been published by the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (JEM), a monthly publication of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). But a search of the ASCE archives revealed that the paper had not been published.

Two months later, when the paper still had not appeared, I wrote a series of articles mentioning this discrepancy and documenting some of the efforts made by myself and others to obtain further information on this story -- all of which had been ignored.