WTC Demolition

How the Towers were demolished and Whodunit

Here is a video I made about the WTC demolition.


And in this video I explain who did it.


"Pull it down Larry" video: The ultimate proof the WTC Brought Down By The Controlled Demolition? - 9 minutes showing a lot

A colleague from the Czech-Slovak 911 movement have sent me the link to a new video (whose original intention was to debunk another debunkers video about WTC7)

But in fact it shows much more than just counterarguments against the debunkers video.

It shows that from the North tower were during the "collapse" clearly visibly ejected large chunks of its core - ripped in pieces of size of several floors, weghting probably at least hundreds of tons - to a realy considerable distance. - They were in past notoricaly confused with the perimeter columns - but perimeter columns were much thinner and mounted with much narower distances. The column distance in chunks - they can be seen in the video - compared to the north face 64m reference, is at least 4 meters, while the distance of the perimeter columns was 1m. The beam structure on the video looks like literally fitting in the proportions of the core mount - so the assumption it is the chunks of core, not the perimeter, looks like one very well supported. What force ripped the large core pieces lateraly out of the building? A Gravitation??

Iraq war veteran and experienced demolitions expert blows the cover on 9/11 inside job

From a site that I am not familiar with, RINF Alternative News: . See the original for links.

Iraq war veteran and experienced demolitions expert blows the cover on 9/11 inside job

Meet Torin Wolf. He has a broad and varied background as a US Army Combat Nurse during Operation Iraqi Freedom,….

building construction contractor, certified structural welder, certified asbestos and hazardous materials worker, experienced demolitions expert, teacher, radio show host, and well studied 9/11 truth activist. Torin knows how to put a building up, and bring the same building down in its own footprint. Torin’s free presentation, “Taking the Red Pill” was hosted by Brave New Books on 1904 Guadalupe in Austin last Saturday, June 23rd at 7 pm.

Tower 1 live video feed showing explosions clearly

I was just doing a search for live video feeds from 9/11 and I found this:

The last 30 seconds of the video shows tower 1 from a chopper. You can clearly see two rings of explosion that start the collapse. The reporter also mentions the explosion in his report.

I'd never seen this one before and would like to see it go out to the community.

NEW PHOTOS, can't miss these.

I recently received this (6 MB) Power Point slide show of 9.11 photos. They are apparently from an Italian or Spanish news helicopter. I saw some pictures in here that I had never seen, and would note the following:

WTC 7, from many different aerial angles, looking remarkably pristine for a building that "collapsed due to raging fires".

WTC 6, with the huge steel beam that was ejected into it, from angles I had never seen before.

WTC 1 & 2 structural steel, being loaded onto semi-trailers. Horseshoe shaped steel everywhere, and twisted and melted spandrel plates. Just a hydro-carbon fire here folks, nothing to see. Move along. Right.

And, "bands" of sooty damage, on the North Tower, just below the airplane impact site. This ties in neatly with the recently discovered footage of the dynamic explosive event at the North Tower that happened as the South Tower was struck by aircraft.

Would also appreciate any additional discoveries or observations any of you might have.

FIREWORKS - another form of Controlled Demolition.

The 2007 Macy's Fourth of July FIREWORKS display just goes to show how advanced humans have become with the technology dealing with explosives.

It's a shame that the staged 9/11 events that were used to steal our Constitutional rights via the Patriot Act and other pre-written legislation are similar to the technology that was used to time the fiery displays in the sky to the music.
What an accomplishment. The people who plan the fireworks display each year deserve the praise.

However, the people who planned and planted the explosives in the three buildings for 9/11 deserve to be in jail, despite the nice careful work and lack of damage to the surrounding buildings. I don't understand how they can think that they were being Patriotic. Most of them were breaking their oaths and are traitors.

The lack of damage to the other buildings near the buildings that were located on property other than the Port Authority of NY & NJ is an indication of how precise the work was that brought down the three (3) buildings with the assistance of Controlled Demolition.

2 Cops tell N.J. Burkett that North Tower is "leaning" before it erupts, explodes, & comes down at near free-fall speed!

Who warned these 2 cops that they needed to back away from the North Tower because, "it was leaning"?

The North Tower never "leaned", but it was brought down by controlled demolition! (If it "leaned" wouldn't it fall over & not erupt & explode into it's own footprint at virtually free-fall speed?)

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(Note: this video was crystal clear when I uploaded & played it back on LiveLeak last night, but now it's quite blurry. Big Brother at work?)

Another AF Officer Blasts Government 911 Coverup

Lt. Col. Guy S. Razer, MS, U.S. Air Force (ret) ­ Retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot (F-111, F-15E, F-16, B-1, F-18, Mig-29, and Suu-22). Flew combat missions over Iraq. Former instructor at the USAF Fighter Weapons School and NATO's Tactical Leadership Program. 20-year Air Force career.

Statement to this website 3/25/07: "After 4+ years of research since retirement in 2002, I am 100% convinced that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were planned, organized, and committed by treasonous perpetrators that have infiltrated the highest levels of our government. It is now time to take our country back.

The "collapse" of WTC Building 7 [570 feet tall, 47 stories, and not hit by an airplane] shows beyond any doubt that the demolitions were pre-planned. There is simply no way to demolish a 47-story building (on fire) over a coffee break. It is also impossible to report the building's collapse before it happened, as BBC News did, unless it was pre-planned. Further damning evidence is Larry Silverstein's video taped confession in which he states "they made that decision to pull [WTC 7] and we watched the building collapse."

Dr Frank Greening on JREF - NIST report is 'seriously flawed'

Over on Jref Dr Frank Greening has been setting a few cats among a few pigeons with his cheeky debut as a Jref-er. Presenting himself as "Apollo20", Dr Greening first threw a flying punch at the Jref mentality of sheltering behind authority - including, ironically, his own paper on the WTC, much vaunted by the 'conspiracy smashers' in general and Ronald Wieck in particular.

I’m new to posting on JREF but I have been following this forum for quite a while and I have observed how the regular JREFers eagerly DEVOUR each CTist that ventures on to this Conspiracy thread to question the official 9/11 story. It all gets pretty much routine because the JREFers always use one or more of the following modes of attack:

(i) NIST has covered all the bases – you need to refute NIST to win an argument here.
(ii) Taunt the CTist with “where’s your evidence?”
(iii) Question the CTist’s credentials – “Are you a scientist?”; “Are you an engineer?”
(iv) Ask the CTist why there are no peer-reviewed journal articles refuting NIST.

WTC Blueprints

Torrent: WTC Blueprints.

Must get. Vital reference. This has been missing.

Best of luck.

Spectacular 9/11 WTC aerial photos, massive pyroclastic clouds, intact WTC-7 etc.

Absolutely must see photos from Sept. 11th, 2001, many
of which you've never seen before. Spectacular aerial
shots of massive pyroclastic clouds as towers are being
obliterated. Prominently featured; the seemingly intact
WTC-7. This has been leaked from police/military/media
whoever was flying around in a helicopter.

The BBC2's 9.11 "Conspiracy-Files": Just a cynical MSM debunking exercise?

Last Sept/Oct I spoke on the phone, several times, to the senior BBC radio producer:

A... Armstrong (for their anonymity)
Senior Producer, BBC World Current Affairs
Room 1252, BBC White City, 201 Wood Lane, London W12 7TS
Tel: 020 8752 6902

They knew about their colleague Guy Smith’s forthcoming 9.11 'Conspiracy Files' programme and asked me if I could forward or contribute information that would help in the production.
I smelt a bit of a rat at the time, unfortunately, since I was currently embroiled in a discussion with the above office as to why an otherwise undeniable piece of solid first-hand testimony including allusions to an explosion near the roof of the South-tower, had been retrospectively edited from a BBC radio 9.11 5th anniversary transmission.
I was working from the testimony of Beverly Eckert, a 911 widow, once member of ' Voices of September 11', whose husband Sean Rooney had worked on floor 92 of that building as vice-president of Aon Risk Management Services.

Diagonal cut Support Column at WTC


Thought I would share this here, posted this response on a local forum group.
Any metal smith/iron worker/torch cutter can confirm this analysis as well. I couldn't figure out how to show the photo so it is attached:

The problem is, of course, all evidence is debatable and can be supported from both sides.

Government supporting story would be that the supporting column (one of the 47 that the 9/11 Commission Report claims doesn't exist) was cut by iron workers clearing debri.
Could be supported by:
-testimony from steel worker who cut it (none known)
-testimony from eyewitnesses who saw him cut it or gave the order to cut (none known)
-looks similar to molten slag from a blow torch cut
-Photographer testifying that it was done after iron workers got started cutting steel (not known)

Our story claims it was cut by thermate charges to relieve the strength of the supporting columns.
Could be supported by:
-Shows classic dripping slag from thermate melting
-the perfectly angled cut is a classic characteristic of a demolition application to relieve the central support columns
-there are piles of rubble everywhere, the metal smiths would not likely be hacking at an undamaged beam to rescue people

Bombs in the WTC Buildings Proves Nothing to Racist-Fascist Bigots

Fireman Lou Cacchioli was the first to grab me by the heart, mind and soul with his isolated courage by simply telling the truth about what he experienced to the only media that cared to ask about his eyewitness account of 9/11 on July 19, 2005. In the Arctic Beacon article, by Greg Szymanski, he related his observations during the efforts to save as many as he could with little regard for personal safety: "...there were bombs...elevator doors completely blown out... we heard this huge explosion that sounded like a bomb... another huge explosion like the first one hits.... Oh. My God, these bastards put bombs in here like they did in 1993! Then as soon as we get in the stairwell, I hear another huge explosion like the other two. Then I heard bang, bang, bang - huge bangs..."

For the first time, this article finally allows Lou to tell his story, the way he wanted to tell it - truthfully and to the best of his knowledge. The article gives more than just the facts as he lived them. It gives insight into the fate of all the heroes present on that despicable day. A fate that awaits other eyewitnesses of the clean up crews and city inhabitants that had inadequate or no protection because the EPA had stated the air was safe to breathe.