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Debunking the 9/11 "Dust" Theory

Some peripheral folks in the 9/11 truth movement claim that exotic high-energy weapons were used to bring down the Twin Towers. The overwhelming majority of credible scientists, engineers and others in the movement do not believe this.

The proponents of the star wars weapons theory argue that video footage shows metal spires "turning to dust", which they think proves that futuristic weapons were used.

Many of us have pointed out that the spires actually fell down, and that dust from the pulverized concrete simply fell off the spires as they were falling, hiding the fact that the spires were falling and creating the visual illusion that the spires were "turning to dust". For example, Reprehensor posted this video clip last year:

U.S. to Grant $30 Million for Civilians’ 9/11 Ailments


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to announce on Thursday that it plans to award $30 million to hospitals and clinics that monitor and treat residents, students and other so-called nonresponders who were exposed to dust and smoke at ground zero.

These nonresponders were not among the rescue and recovery workers sent to the World Trade Center site after the twin towers were destroyed on 9/11. Some of those workers have complained of respiratory and gastrointestinal ailments. Thousands of firefighters, for example, developed what has become known as the World Trade Center cough.

Christine Branche, the acting director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, said in an interview on Wednesday that the money was set aside in an appropriations bill that Congress passed and President Bush signed in December. She said it would be given as grants in three installments of $10 million, and would go to as many as three hospitals or clinics.

Steven Jones' dust analysis shown at Sydney truth event

This is a clip shown at the Sydney truth event last month. This will give everyone an idea of what the Between The Lines documentary will look like. Not many people were able to see it when I posted it before, and it had to be hastily taken down. Enjoy.

Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit

Court Clears Way for 9/11 Illness Lawsuit

March 26, 2008

A federal appeals court has refused to give New York City immunity from the lawsuits of thousands of city workers and construction laborers who say they now suffer from respiratory illnesses after they helped clean up ground zero in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The lawsuits claim that the city failed to ensure that ground zero was a safe work place. High among the claims is the assertion that the city failed to enforce rules requiring workers to wear respirators while working amid the toxins and rubble.

Citing the unprecedented nature of the disaster, New York City and the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, both defendants in the suits, have argued that they are entitled to immunity from the claims. The defendants say they cannot be required to pay out to the workers what could amount to billions of dollars in damages.

Exerpt from Between The Lines released - Steven Jones dust sequence

I just finished editing this sequence for Between the Lines. I just couldn't help myself, I had to release it and I hope you guys like it. For those in Australia attending the engagement which Dr Jones mentioned in his most recent blog, you will see this as well as about 10 minutes of additional stuff. Thanks everyone for your support.

Rudy Giuliani and Air Quality After 9/11

Wednesday January 23, 2008
New York Public Radio Reports About Rudy ("It's Safe To Eat Asbestos") Giuliani And Air Quality ("It's Safe To Go Back In The Water") Reports After 9/11

NEW YORK, NY January 23, 2008 —In his run for President, Mayor Rudy Giuliani has showcased his leadership on 9/11 and in the days, weeks, and months that followed. His actions in those days have been widely hailed. But far less understood is how he responded to early concerns about the air quality in Lower Manhattan. WNYC’s Andrea Bernstein has the first of two reports.

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"Pull it down Larry" video: The ultimate proof the WTC Brought Down By The Controlled Demolition? - 9 minutes showing a lot

A colleague from the Czech-Slovak 911 movement have sent me the link to a new video (whose original intention was to debunk another debunkers video about WTC7)

But in fact it shows much more than just counterarguments against the debunkers video.

It shows that from the North tower were during the "collapse" clearly visibly ejected large chunks of its core - ripped in pieces of size of several floors, weghting probably at least hundreds of tons - to a realy considerable distance. - They were in past notoricaly confused with the perimeter columns - but perimeter columns were much thinner and mounted with much narower distances. The column distance in chunks - they can be seen in the video - compared to the north face 64m reference, is at least 4 meters, while the distance of the perimeter columns was 1m. The beam structure on the video looks like literally fitting in the proportions of the core mount - so the assumption it is the chunks of core, not the perimeter, looks like one very well supported. What force ripped the large core pieces lateraly out of the building? A Gravitation??

Announcing a discovery: Red/gray bi-layered chips in the WTC dust

At the Boston Tea Party conference last Saturday, I announced that I had found peculiar "red chips" in the WTC dust, and the possible significance of the findings. The chips are bi-layered, red on one side, gray on the other -- and present in all four samples that I and colleagues are exploring in depth at this time. Paul Payne (great work Paul!) was there and taped the talk, and asked if he could extract for now the part where I announced the discovery, and if I would provide the PPT slides (etc). I did so, and I congratulate Paul for doing this video clip so very quickly.

Yes, the discovery is original work and with other scientists now examining the microspheres and red chips in the WTC dust -- this new evidence, there is hope of a breakthrough, pending confirmations. I will refrain from further comment here; hope you all will watch the clip (and the full talks from the Boston conference as they become available). Again, many thanks to Paul Payne for this work.

Naomi Wolf - "There hasen't been a real investigation of 9/11."

"it's bad to have an untouchable area ( 9/11 questions ) in a democracy,." - Naomi Wolf

I know some of you have attacked her for not taking a solid 9/11 truth position,. however I belive that by not taking such a position she is reaching more people that would simple dismiss such a decided position and is indeed getting them to think about 9/11 and question it.

What are your thought?

Kids' respiratory problems blamed on 9/11 dust


Kids' respiratory problems blamed on 9/11 dust


[Bad link]

November 29, 2007

Children exposed to World Trade Center dust are at much higher risk for respiratory problems, and in some cases are twice as likely as their peers to develop asthma, according to a city Health Department survey released yesterday.

The survey of the 3,100 children who are enrolled in the city's World Trade Center Health Registry found that being caught in the dust cloud in the immediate aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attack was the single biggest risk factor in developing respiratory problems.

Half of all children enrolled in the registry developed a new or worsening breathing problem. But those who were caught in the massive dust plume were diagnosed with asthma at double the rate of those who were not.

Feal Good (Again) Support the heroes of 9/11, 12, 13...

Please watch and share these videos with your friends and family (again)

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Please buy the rest of these shirts from We Are Change which also goes to the first responders.

Let's do more for these guys/girls than our criminal government has

John Feal on Star Jones

John Feal at Webster Hall

Notes on 9/11 Conference in Indiana and DISCOVER magazine article on 9/11 dust

Back from a great, packed-audience conference in Indiana sponsored by Kevin Ryan -- who spoke to the 650 in attendance along with Richard Gage and myself. Feeling rejuvenated... Great to have Richard Gage joining in so vigorously. (See Also joining the effort (with a major article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies) Dr. Cate Jenkins, who emailed me this morning as follows:

Dr. Cate Jenkins: See important 9/7/07 Discover Magazine article at:

Please blog the Discover Magazine article at:

There are viewable and downloadable video
news clips about the Discover Magazine
extravaganza, with Nadler and Pelosi standing
by a large poster of the Discover Magazine article, at:
END quote from Dr. Jenkins' email to Steven Jones.

Quoting briefly from the DISCOVER article:

9/11's Deadly Dust on A&E

Check out what's going to be on A&E. Anyone seen this?

Running Time: 60 Minutes
Closed Captions: Yes

Upcoming Airings:
Thursday, September 06 @ 10pm/9C
Friday, September 07 @ 2am/1C
Saturday, September 08 @ 10pm/9C
Sunday, September 09 @ 2am/1C
Sunday, September 09 @ 4pm/3C

While millions watched the events of 9/11 unfold on television, 40,000 people--rescue workers, carpenters, ironworkers, volunteers--rushed to the scene to do what they could to rescue victims and, in the months that followed, to find the remains of those who had died. Still others worked to clean the buildings in the surrounding area, or provide utilities to the area, and many more just plain lived and worked in the area. Now, many of these people are getting sick, and their illnesses have been linked to the conditions at Ground Zero. This special tells the global story of this human tragedy through the lives of four of these victims as they fight their personal battles. We also speak to scientific and medical experts to explore the issues around the toxins and the circumstances at "the pile", and to those who blame politicians for rushing to say the air was safe long before it was.

Clearing the Air: 9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

Clearing the Air
9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

by Graham Rayman

Clearing the Air: 9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

by Graham Rayman

September 4th, 2007 6:18 PM

To understand how deeply New Yorkers hold the conviction that 9/11 environmental fallout is killing people, you need only to have attended the August 21 public meeting that was held in a chamber across from City Hall.

The topic was the disastrous August 18 fire in the heavily contaminated Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street, which killed two firefighters. Only three weeks before the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks, here were city, state, and federal officials once again trying to downplay the possibility that the fire released environmental toxins into the neighborhood.

But the air was so thick with skepticism from the crowd that the assertions couldn't gain any traction. One resident described the debacle as a "religious kind of shame." Marc Ameruso, a lower-Manhattan community-board member, said, "The ghost of the World Trade Center is rearing its ugly head once again."

It was hard to blame the doubters. The Bush, Pataki, and Giuliani administrations have either misled or poorly informed the public about the toxic dangers of what has been described "as the largest acute environmental disaster that ever has befallen New York City."