WTC rebuild Conspiracy?

WTC Rebuild Conspiracy 2006?

Hello All! Today as a representitive of my organization, i spoke with the fellas at Louder The Words regarding my Organization's quest to find and uncover the scandal behind the re-Building of the World Trade Center site among other things. I was directed by them here, as one of my many modes of Information gathering and support by the people!

I'm asking anyone to help us uncover this situation that smells of scandal city! 5 whole years later, they are finally rebuilding the WTC site in NYC! This sounds great and all, but of course there are many things that do not make sense with this situation, as pretty much everything else about 9/11.

They want to build a eye soar called The FREEDON TOWER. This tower is ugly as sin, as you can see if you click the above link. They magically choose this design over hundreds more which were submitted to be built, one of the main ones was that named the Twin Towers II Memorial which is fully backed by many NY'ers and Mr. Donald Trump himself! This decision as far as i'm aware of wasnt presented to the people of "NYC or the victims/familes/survivors for a worthy vote on what they would like to see re-rise into the NYC skyline! This is absurd!