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July 5, 2008 --

THE ISSUE: The ongoing challenges and delays facing reconstruction at Ground Zero.

The news about the World Trade Center's latest delays and cost overruns is neither surprising nor unexpected ("Big Fat Zero," July 1).

Sadly, the powers that be have produced nothing but embarrassment and failure for New Yorkers and the American people.

We thought that we would get fortitude and resolve in the aftermath of 9/11. Instead, we started off with a money grab that has degenerated into an orgy of bungling whiners looking to blame someone else for their lack of guts.

Perhaps the plans for Ground Zero should be scaled back to include a couple of nondescript, two-story office buildings.

That would certainly be a fitting tribute to our public ineptitude.

Larry Schmieder

How is it that in Dubai they are building man-made islands, but we can't put up some buildings?

The People Reject Gov. Pataki's Freedom Tower plan and Instead Want Twin Towers To Be Rebuilt At The WTC

If you haven't sent this one-click letter to Attorney General Spitzer, there will never be a better time.

The Governor-elect's pledge is "Day One – Everything Changes" and we take him at his word. He and the officials we have copied in can still stop this runaway train from taking us where we do not want to go. They have the power to do that – because we gave it to them. The prepared letter will be faxed out after you click "send" – or you can revise it to better express your position.

12/18/06– Pataki PR stunt – still putting politics where they don't belong. Yesterday was a turning point for this movement. Given the convenient (for Pataki) short notice of the beam-signing ceremony in Battery Park City, we had no time to organize and there were just a handful of us present – but that didn't prevent us from doing what we came for, which was to give people hope. Regardless of how it appeared, we have stopped pushing the boulder uphill and it is on its way down, gathering speed.

By rights, we were prepared for a hostile reception from people who could mistake what we are doing as trying to take things backwards. They came there, couples, families, one-by-one, to honor the past and salute the future and could easily have resented our presence - but, most welcomed it. We got a very warm reception, people lingered, asked questions, and voiced their agreement with us. For the most part, they weren't the type we would expect to run home and sign the petition. But their encouragement was more than a shot in the arm – it was a transfusion. We saw clearly how important it is to people that we continue to shine light on this issue that touches all our hearts. Just because it is a hard fight doesn't make our eventual triumph any less likely.

Twin Towers Rebuilders advocate call on Attorney General to investigate Official Misconduct at Ground Zero

(*Comment: Although the 911 Truth movement is paramount here, this IS still newsworthy and it pertains to what most New Yorkers, Americans, and people around the world want built at the WTC site instead of Gov. Pataki's ghastly "Freedom" Tower, which is anything but, and only would serve as a symbol of illuminati worship and a gravestone that would in fact turn the WTC site into a giant graveyard instead of a symbol of defiance and American resolve.)
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Margaret Donovan, Twin Towers Alliance ­212-568-0207
Richard Hughes, Rebuild-the-Towers ­212-781-1816
Robin Heid, Team Twin Towers ­310-295-9864 /951-283-0739
Louis Epstein, WTC Restoration Movement - 845-225-4848 / 845-225-3234
New York, NY | October 20, 2006

Twin Towers Advocates Call On Attorney General To Investigate Official Misconduct
Representatives of a grassroots organization delivered an appeal to Attorney General Eliot
Spitzer's Downtown Manhattan office on Friday. Richard Hughes of the Twin Towers Alliance
reported that he handed an officer in the Investigations Bureau a well-documented narrative