Madison, WI (PRWEB) February 1, 2007 – Members of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, a non-partisan organization of students, experts and scholars dedicated to exposing falsehoods and revealing truths about 9/11, have some bones to pick with CBS NEWS for an article entitled, “Dangerous World Fuels Conspiracy Theories” (30 January 2007). According to James H. Fetzer, the society’s founder, “It is chock full of false assertions, even including misidentification of Steven Jones, my former co-chair, as the society’s founder.”

“That is rather rich,” Fetzer said. “Steve and I have had a parting of the ways over differences in our attitude and approach toward the science and the politics of 9/11 research. But if he had been ‘the founder’, he should have been conducting a ‘house cleaning’, not abandoning ship.” The split between them, Fetzer added, has had a beneficial effect. “A cult-like atmosphere had developed around him, which I considered to be bad for scientific research on 9/11.”

Video added to David Cameron's website

I just added a 4 minute video to David Cameron's website: This is of Prof Steven Jones discussing the molten metal evidence at the WTC site which convinced him that this was an inside job. Hopefully Mr Cameron will watch this -- at least he has not removed my other video upload of the WTC7 collapse.

Back to the basics: collapse speed

This Washington Free Press article provides a great summary of the problems with NIST's report on the Twin Towers:

It is very well written and recommendable for people new to 9/11 Truth. It contains the points that the Loose Change guys should have raised when Ronald Wieck disingenuously said that truthers are not willing to engage in dialogue against the NIST report.

A retired physics teacher emailed to me that an object dropped from the roof of the Twin Towers would have reached the ground in 12 to 13 seconds. That is, in approximately the same time in which the towers totally collapsed.

According to a Finnish Doctor of Engineering, WTC 7 collapsed even slightly faster than an apple falling the same distance through air:

The WFP article states "From high school physics, a floor by floor gravitational collapse of the undamaged 90 floors of the north tower would take almost 80 seconds, not including the time delay to break the columns of each floor". That sounds credible, but where could I get the calculations?

If and when the above holds, it is shocking to realize that the world's peer-reviewed scientific journals are not -- to Chomsky's chagrin - filled with articles debunking the NIST report and promoting controlled demolition hypotheses. It would be interesting to know to what extent such articles have been submitted for peer review and rejected. I assume not so many have been submitted in the first place.

Why Did WTC Buildings Turn into Dust?

Post proofs that brotherhood is not so wild a dream as those who profit by postponing it pretend....
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T U R N I N T O D U S T ! ?


From ABC News:

....A new book is providing a new perspective on the 9/11 terror attacks. John Cerqueira, the young man who just three months before the 9/11 attacks graduated from N.C. State....was working on the 81st floor of the north tower when the attacks happened. He scrambled down the stairs and heard voices in the darkness on the 68th floor. He discovered a woman in a wheelchair who needed help and proceeded to carry her down 68 floors to safety....

Excerpt from John Cerqueira's book HERO SANDWICH:

....why can't I go faster? This dust cloud is behind me and gaining like a monster in a bad dream. It's getting closer, I pump my arms, my ankle pops, I don't care, I'm running for my life. I'm losing, I'm not going to make it. Find cover. There is none. Just my luck here on the West Side Highway to be in the only place in this crowded bitch of a city with no cover when I'm running from this cloud of death....

"911 - Why We Fight" - By Douglas Herman

Another excellent article firefighter brother, Douglas Herman!

"Not until the credible testimony of those who actually experienced the controlled demolition of the WTC is given due weight, not until the testimony of those who witnessed and experienced the destruction from the inside and outside of the buildings is properly investigated, will justice be served."

911 - Why We Fight
By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to
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The first time I shouldered my Scott airpack, a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and pressed the face mask and respirator to my face and mounted the ladder over the hotbox, I panicked and nearly fainted. My heart pounded; I couldn't breath! A sudden burst of air, however, from the release valve, relieved the feeling of suffocation, but drew a quick scolding from my firefighting instructor. Stop breathing in bursts, he said; remain calm, and follow your team leader.

Q & A with Jim Hoffman and Steven Jones

Video of the question and answer session following Jim Hoffman's presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.

Professor Steven Jones joins Hoffman in addressing questions from the audience.

Part One

Part Two

Steven Jones Q & A

Video from the Q & A session that followed Professor Steven Jones' presentation at UC Berkeley on November 11, 2006.

Insurance Claims - World Trade Center

It is my understanding that most, if not all, of the insurance claims filed for the 9/11 events in NYC are based on the original theory that terrorists hijacked commercial passenger planes. These commercial passenger planes crashed into the 110 story towers and that each tower collapsed as a result of the fires that were created by jet fuel.

The 9/11 Official Commission had not even been appointed before those claims were filed. Is it really any wonder why the Commission came to the conclusion that it did? I believe that the Official Commission was told to come to conclusions which would support the insurance claims that had already been filed if not partially paid by then. The FEMA & recently released NIST reports were designed to support the Official Commission Report.

I have not heard that any one of the more than 20 insurance companies that are involved ever asked for an investigation.

I have not heard anything that any of the owners of the publicly traded stock have asked the Board of Directors of those companies why they did not ask for an investigation or why the company has not considered the claims invalid. I believe that people who own stock in any of the insurance companies can start to pressure management of the insurance companies because the claims are being paid from the earnings owned by the stockholders.

President Bush's initial reaction to the first WTC plane crash

A video laying out what Bush claims he thought happened on 9/11 when the first plane hit the World Trade Center and what he should have known was happening if his crew had been paying attention to the news. Kind in mind as you watch this that by 8:50 that morning, 3 planes had already been hijacked and taken off course yet Bush isn't told the country was under attack until 9:05, after the second plane hit the WTC.

President Bush's reaction to the first WTC plane on 9/11

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WTC Cleanup Done "Too Quickly"

NEW YORK (AP) -- Workers who spent months searching for human remains in the World Trade Center rubble were often at odds with the agency overseeing the cleanup and frequently asked to halt the operation as they recovered body parts.

As the work was wrapping up in 2002, several officials handling the recovery warned that things were moving too fast. They believed more pieces of the lost 2,749 victims could be found, but they were overruled, two of those officials told The Associated Press this week.

The officials gave the account after a utility crew accidentally discovered body parts last week in an abandoned manhole along the western edge of the site, and forensic experts have since dug down and found more than 100 bones and fragments from skulls, ribs, arms, legs, feet and hands.

"I knew that this was going to happen -- they really just wanted us out of there," said retired Police Lt. John McArdle, the New York Police Department's ground zero commander. "There was not a good exit strategy for some of these places, and if there was, it was poorly done."

The project finished months ahead of city officials' yearlong prediction, and cost about $750 million -- just a fraction of the initial multibillion-dollar estimate.

RE: What is it that went wrong (at WTC 7)?

In regards to the post, what is it that went wrong, I have an idea I'd like to float by the community.

I have a feeling something went quite wrong on that day, ie not according to plan. I dont mean Shanksville and all that, but WTC7. I mean, it cant have been part of a master plan to bring it down as obvious as it was done, i think. So, what should have happend? Another plane? Hm, i dont think so. What else ? Im sure people here have a few ideas to offer.

For many years I've heard people speculate as to where Flight 93 was headed. People would say that it was headed for Camp David, The White House, or even The Statue of Liberty, oh my! To that, I would always reply, "what if it was headed towards WTC 7?" That's the point that people would flip-out. Should I go on? I will.

The military says the plane wasn't shot down. Truthers say the plane didn't crash in Shanksville. When a group is very adamant about a view, I tend to believe them. When two groups are so adamant about seemingly opposing views, I'll try to look for a third view that fits the story. So, if the plane didn't crash, and if it wasn't shot down, then what happened? The mission was aborted. The flight took off late, and it would be gross negligence if that plane hit its intended target (its target being WTC 7). In fact, the 9/11 Commission almost indicted military officials because the current story doesn't add up. If another plane would've hit another building in New York an hour later, and the military didn't stop it, the story would not have held as long as it has. It would turn the story from the military responding slowly, to the military standing down.

More Human Remains Found at Ground Zero

CNN is reporting that more human remains were found at the World Trade Center in New York.

A Consolidated Edison crew doing excavation of the manhole at street level found the remains, some as big as arm or leg bones, said Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which owns the site.

Con Ed said it entered the site Wednesday to remove material from two manholes that had been damaged and abandoned after the 2001 collapse of the twin towers.

Crews hauled the excavated materials Wednesday to a work center more than a mile away, as is customary, Con Edison said. On Thursday morning, a contractor working for the Port Authority realized the materials contained remains, Con Edison spokesman Chris Olert said, and the medical examiner's office was contacted.


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WTC Finite Element Analysis - New Animated Rendering by mmmlink

Thanks to Anonymous: "New YouTube WTC collapse vid by mmmlink. This time he does some finite element analysis of the towers to try to match NIST's results (he can't). Then he offers a possible collapse scenario. mmmlink is always good!"

Judge Finds NYC Must Answer To Sending Workers Into Toxic Environments

FINALLY! This should be BIG news for First Responders all over the country. Nothing more than mere drywall masks were provided to most workers

Now if only someone can get that bitch Christine Whitman before the bench, we may get a foot in the door of the Whitehouse before the pResident escapes to his family's new 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay.

"If even a minority of the plaintiffs suffered serious injuries to their respiratory tracts arising from the acrid air of September 11, their claims deserve to be heard when a recovery could make a difference in their lives… The scar to the public interest needs to be cleansed, speedily, in good time." the judge wrote in his opinion.

"The workers at the site were presented with a dangerous environment, below and surrounding their work activities, threatening their health and safety," the judge said.

“The fact-intensive nature of the issue makes its resolution unsuitable for resolution by motion,” Judge Hellerstein concluded. “Discovery, additional proceedings and a more extensive factual record, and perhaps a trial, will be required.”

Judge Hellerstein wrote that long after the attacks, there were "critical lapses in the enforcement of safety standards and in the dissemination of vital information about the safety of the air at Ground Zero to those most affected, the workers themselves."