BUSH: planted EXPLOSIVES inside WTC!!

500kB mp3 audio snippet (broadcast quality, wink, nod, prod, hint)

For Immediate Release -- Office of the Press Secretary -- September 15, 2006 -- Press Conference of the President -- The Rose Garden -- President's Remarks -- 11:15 A.M. EDT

Blah blah ...we need to torture, because...

Bush: For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed to ensure that the explosives went off at a high -- a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping.

Bush HESITATES twice and gives away more than he is saying... he uses REVERSE LOGIC.. if the explosives are planted HIGH in the building.. there are LESS floors above where people can get trapped. i.e. If the OPERATIVES wanted to MINIMIZE the bloodbath they would WANT TO plant explosives HIGH in the building.

Handschuh Photo -- simultaneous explosions IN OTHER TOWER

Re: Impact Holes ... WTC TOWER aeroplane silhouttes ...


Please leave comments and tell me what your observations / conclusions are.

To me nothing of the visual evidence really makes sense. See PlaneImpact and Damage. I suggest that China or Russia (or Iran, or France) recreates 20 floors worth of World Trade Center, and then flies a 767 into it... Only then we will know what the effect looks like. My guess is that it looks VERY different.

My favourite photo still is the one that you see on the left, it's history is told here:

Another version:

Apart from the MISSING PLANE DEBRIS and the weird explosion it shows the simultaneous explosions IN THE OTHER TOWER (north tower).

Newly Released 30 Minute Amateur Video of WTC Attack

I just saw this video, made by a couple whose apartment offered an incredible view of the North Tower. There are several interesting things about it that I caught on an initial viewing: witness describes "military plane" hitting South Tower (no shot of it, though), another witness describes plane as "really big," intense shots of the pyroclastic flows, shot of the "spire" component of the structure (left after collapse almost complete) seeming to collapse straight down rather than topple.

Focusing on a one line proof

The crux of the conspiracy argument is that demolition is the only
possible explanation for the destruction of WTC1,WTC2 and WTC7. One
need only raise the single question: How could a collapse, caused only
by the damage of the plane collisions and subsequent fires cause the
remaining still intact structures to fall to the ground at the speed
of a free fall in a vacuum? No explanation can be produced for this,
because it would require breaking the laws of physics. It cannot be

This scientific fact is the corner stone. It should be stressed and
focused on because it is undeniable. It is the truth that will
convince the skeptics. It certainly convinced me.

I, like many others, was very skeptical about the demolition theory,
mainly because the only evidence I was shown were the squibs.
Furthermore, I (also like many others) was completely ignorant of the
WTC7 collapse. It actually took over a year for me to see the light,
when I finally saw the on line videos of WTC7's collapse.

It does not take a physics degree to understand that the collapse of a
steel girder concrete reinforced building cannot occur in less time
than it takes for a bowling ball to fall from the top of the building

President Bush to visit all 3 sites on 5th anniversary of 9-11

President Bush to visit all three sites on 9/11 anniversary

Published: Thursday August 31, 2006

Although specific details haven't yet been released, the White House announced today that President Bush would be visiting "all three sites" on the fifth anniversary of 9/11.

During a press gaggle held aboard Air Force One on Thursday afternoon, Deputy White House spokesperson Dana Perino announced the news when asked by a reporter for a "preview" of the president's planned events for the day.

"No, we have not announced all of those details yet," said Perino.

"The one thing I can say is that the President will visit all three sites on the anniversary," Perino continued.

Perino also said that there may be "additional travel" but that she wasn't "able to reveal that yet."

Animations of Planes Hitting the Twin Towers

Two animations purport to model flights 11 and 175 crashing into the North and South Towers:

Here's the animation for WTC 1

Here's the animation for WTC 2

These animations were posted at the website of Engineering News-Record, a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill, back in 2003 (I just saw them yesterday for the first time).

And NIST has made 2 animations of its own:

Here's the WTC 1 animation

Here's the WTC 2 animation

NIST's animations are linked from this page.

Are these animations accurate, in the sense that they show what Boeings crashing into the Twin Towers would have looked like? If so, does that refute the argument that there should have been more aircraft debris outside of the Twin Towers?

If the animations are not accurate, would discrediting them also help to discredit animations of the purported Pentagon plane crash?

Building the World Trade Center

Someone posted a link to this over at the 9/11 dungeon at - Never saw this before, so I'm passing it along.

"Building the World Trade Centers" a 20 minute compilation of film footage depicting the construction of the Twin Towers. Lots of steel shots and one sequence in part 2 of the concrete being poured into a floor pan. What appears to be lateral bracing on the bottom of the trusses also depicted. A WTC nitpickers delight, to be sure.

Split into two parts at Youtube;

Building The World Trade Centers Part 1

Building The World Trade Centers Part 2

Circa 1983.