Richard Grove on Deadline Live w/ Jack Blood - 9/18/08

AIG De-Mystified... Exposing the Roots of 9/11

Jack Blood interviews Richard Andrew Grove, an AIG insider and whistleblower

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"A FILM TO END ALL WARS!" (Vol.1) - 8thestate Public Media & Research

8th Estate Public Media and Research presents:

"A Film To End All Wars!" (Volume One)


"This film is Part 1 in a series. Composed to raise awareness and support for our First Responders, Soldiers, and other Heroes currently suffering...dying to get your attention."


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THIS FILM IS NOT FOR SALE, this was provided to you at our own expense, because if you could afford this information, you'd already have it. Right? A Film To End All Wars exposes the true root causes behind the business of war, which will continue until We the People decide to inform ourselves, to think critically, and to take action by voting with our dollars.

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After screening VOLUME ONE of "A Film to End All Wars", everyone asks:


Meria interviews Jesse Ventura in depth on 9/11

(This is by far the best interview I have heard with Jesse Ventura)

"This is the ONE interview of former Governor Jesse Ventura which stands out from his Corporate Media battles; herein the ex-Governor is welcomed and given a forum uninterrupted by corporate advertisements. Jesse "the Mind" engages in a fluid and thought-provoking discussion; proving that our best potential candidates for President are still waiting for the American Public to recognize the inconsistencies in economic and foreign policies which are eroding the very fabric of what we love about America. Support Jesse Ventura for President"




9/11 Synchronicity Episode 19:The War against Us All

Please join 8thestate Media by supporting the work of those dedicated to exposing the true criminals of September 11, 2001. Richard Grove, 9/11 whistleblower, has spent the past year researching, gathering, and composing media for his viewers to consume on no other level yet achieved via 18 audio expose's. He presents a story (suppressed) that we have all heard before, but shows us it's true history (unsuppressed) in audio form.

For the past several months, Richard and his fiance' Lisa have been working non stop using our fruits of labor for their fruits of labor. This 1 1/2 hour program is just the beginning of phase II of 8thestate Vidia (Video media). This is a representation of their dedication as well as the dedication of the members of 8thestate.com/thinktank, a gallery of knowledge for the people.

This is about 9/11 and so much more. Please take the time to educ8 yourself as to what THEY are suppressing from US.