Lynn Pentz of 9-11TruthLA.us confronts Congresswoman Jane Harman

Lynn Pentz of www.911truthla.us caught up with/to Jane Harman, House repesentative from the 36th district in California after a townhall-type panel to ask her about her stance on 9-11 Truth and remind her about the legal repercussions of misprision of treason.

The following people were on the panel on October 6, 2007:
Lila Garrett - KPFK's "Connect The Dots"
Dr. Jo Olson - Advocate for Universal Health Care
Jesse Swanhuyser - "Level Trade" policy advocate
Peter Thottam - Impeachment advocate
Marcy Winograd - Pres., PDLA - Election Protection advocate


I concentrated on taking footage that will show really how many people were on the streets with us...local media from independent sources were there to report on us...one being Cal State University Northridge and the other an up and coming website ANCIENTUNIVERSITY.ORG...a reporter from KTLA or KCAL did come out and shoot video of Johnny Wave but of course it did not end up on the news last night

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9-11 Truth Storms Venice Beach Making Contact w/ Surfers, Students, Tourists and Police Truthers

3 Days after Corporal Wave called for the court martial of the 'Commander in Chief' and Michele Phillips, Ed Asner and David Ray Griffin called for people to "get off their butts" in support of 9-11 Truth and Justice activism, a strong and geographically-diverse group of activists stormed the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Thousands of flyers and hundreds of DVD's later, many people had been brought information, inspiration and future pathways for action. Groups came from all over the Greater LA metropolitan area, including Redlands and Rancho Cucamonga.

There were two bullhorns, tens of signs and many banners. A large group of college students of political science had their minds open to the facts of "deep politics." Many locals and tourists got into the action, compelled by the sight of many passionate people having fun whiling pushing forth incredibly important truth. Additional credibility and intrigue were added to the mix by Corporal Wave in his full blues out in the hot sun, and journalist and eyewitness to the NYC attacks, Monica Mercedes Perez Jimenez actively founding the group Rollerskaters for 9-11 Truth.

Contact was made with a police truther and strategy sessions were convened for the coming month. Personally, I think it's time to move aggressively forward on both the criminal case for conspiracy to commit murder front(Police (getting them the info is crucial in all of this), DA) and the Misprision of HIgh Treason front (Judges, Governors) for this upcoming month of action. Let's have a digital strategy session shall we?

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