Yosri Fouda

Yosri Fouda an OCT plant

We knew it at least since 2003, back as Yosri Fouda, Al Jazeera journalists, wrote his book "Masterminds of terror".

He plays the perfect role to establish Khalid Sheik Muhammad and Ramzi Binalshib as new masterminds, but could not clarify the date of his alleged interviews, rather he said
three different times to fit the changing official story when and how these suspects were arrested.
Later he claims he lost his original recordings- all that was left was not understandable marbling.


But now we know for sure he is a plant:


But in their painstaking efforts to find the proof that connected the dots, US investigators and, especially, their German counterparts, have struggled with little more than circumstantial evidence and presumed facts.

This played nicely into the hands of conspiracy theorists, both in the Muslim world and in the West. Now the investigators have the proof, and only the flakiest of anti-American fantasists can go on claiming that Bin Laden, Atta, Jarrah and co had no hand in September 11.

End Quote



For what this is a proof? That both terror suspects were in Afghanistan?