I DO NOT Appreciate Youtube Linking To Encyclopedia Britannica's Page On 9/11



I found this article from July 9th 2018:


"The company (Youtube) is also testing ways to counter conspiracy videos with generally trusted sources such as Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica.


For common conspiracy subjects - what YouTube delicately calls 'well-established historical and scientific topics that have often been subject to misinformation,' such as the moon landing and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing - Google will add information from such third parties for users who search on these topics." - [, 7/9/2018]


What is a "conspiracy video?" What are "conspiracy subjects?"


North Tower Collapse Videos from YouTube user MysticalGrooveWTC

This YouTube user is releasing some new videos recently about the destruction of 9/11:

CIA Media Infiltration & Operation Mockingbird

Abby Martin takes with a look at America's history of government infiltration in news media citing the CIA's secret cold-war program dubbed Operation Mockingbird.


Action Alert: Help fix this! (again)

Please go to the video above and fix the blatant infiltration in the comments that has taken place. Thumb down the nonsense! Thumb up the Truth! Thank you!
The infiltration on this video's top comments is very quick. I posted this same topic a few days ago. They are on top of their game on this video for some reason. Let's get em.

Action Alert: Help fix this!

Please go to the video above and fix the blatant infiltration in the comments that has taken place. Thumb down the nonsense! Thumb up the Truth! Thank you!

*Update: Great work fellow truth seekers! Top comments now spread truthful information, instead of disinformation. For some reason the infiltrators LOVE that youtube video. Keep an eye out for another mini-action alert like this one if they do it again ;)

Video Comments Re-Infiltrated

Our earlier work has been sabotaged, we had around 30 thumbs up, and those comments are entitled "Spam"


"The highest rated comments have been rigged, obviously.

This is the only Truth Video that's this popular, that I've seen with such obvious infiltration. and most likely it's because it has almost 350,000 views.

Let's use our numbers and fix this rigging of the comments.

THUMB DOWN the blatant discrediting. Disinformation < Truth"

David Chandler Videos Moved

Where to find my videos:
I have moved my videos from the AE911Truth YouTube site to Please update any links or embeds you may have had in your web pages. The AE911Truth YouTube page ( has playlists with links to these videos. Sorry for the disruption.

FYI, I also have another YouTube site with some of my older videos: Also my own 9/11 Truth web page is
--David Chandler

Youtube of Richard Gage on Russia Today, Washington DC AIA Conference

I don't think we've been treated to a YouTube version of this interview and event, so here it is; let's make this as viral as the Good Morning Fresno appearance.

David Chandler responds to Frank Greening

June 17, 2009
Greening vs. Chandler and Newton’s Laws:

The occasion for Frank Greening’s letter is correspondence with several physicists, chemists,
and engineers discussing arguments I made in a video posted on the Architects and Engineers
for 9/11 Truth YouTube page:

This is my response to his letter.

Chandler concludes that the block was subject to a net force of 0.64M(upper)g. Prior to the
collapse of WTC 1, the lower portion of the building was perfectly capable of holding up the

Defeating YouTube Censorship

Defeating YouTube Censorship
Simple steps any internet user can take to reduce GooTube’s stranglehold on information

James Corbett
The Corbett Report
26 February, 2009

When YouTube burst onto the scene in February 2005, it wasn't long before this simple concept revolutionized the way people connect to each other and the way they define "the media." As Vancouver 9/11 Truth activist Michael Hey told The Corbett Report in a recent interview: "I shudder to think where we would be right now if we didn't have YouTube, or if we didn't have the various video hosting services that we have," he said. "Think of the example of Montebello in 2007 where there were agents provocateurs who were outed by citizen journalists."

How To Download any YouTube Video

Just enter 'pwn' in front of any youtube video before the word 'youtube' and it'll send you to a download file.

Full Story with more details and comments...

Someone who knows how to take a downloaded YouTube video and put it on DVD might want to explain the procedure in the comments section below. We'd all benefit from more information off the web and into our hands.

The Debate Over 9/11 Truth - Jon Gold & ScrewLooseChange

I transcribed Pat Curley and Jon Gold's closing arguments, quoted Jon from the 911Blogger debate thread and added many hyperlinks, plus my own comments at the end:

The Debate Over 9/11 Truth - Jon Gold & ScrewLooseChange

This is a documentary commentary on 9/11 Truth and the 9/11 Debate: Jon Gold Vs. Pat Curley, which took place November 24, 2008 on the Franklin Pierce University closed circuit television show, “The Dynamic Duo”, was moderated the show's hosts Justin Martell and Eric Jackman, and is now on youtube.

The topics of the debate were:

1. Are there unanswered questions?

2. Was the 9/11 Commission a legitimate investigation? a

Closing arguments of Pat Curley and Jon Gold: