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World Wide 9/11 Truth Petition (You-Tube video)

World for 9/11 Truth Mission

"World for 9/11 Truth ( which started on May 12th, 2009, is a grassroots campaign to unify the world behind one single idea: a new independent investigation for 9/11.
Millions of people around the world doubt the official version of the Bush administration and the 9/11 Commission, and this number is growing everyday. Our goal is clear: we want all these people to sign our petition.
We are also calling on all 9/11 Truth Movement local groups to support this initiative. We hope to work with all of you very soon. Here you will find fliers and other documents to distribute in your area in support of our petition.
Let's all unite behind a new independent 9/11 investigation and let's show the world how big this movement really is."

I'm Voting Democrat

The I'm Voting Democrat is a video response to the popular I'm Voting Democrat video:

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911Blogger/Podcast up on YouTube!!!

Hey everyone, I have pulled together some time in the last few weeks to upload all the 10 minute and under clips of video from the 911podcasts and uploaded them on to YouTube here.

I have also been working through my 320gig collection of stuff from over the past 4 years. I've got 200 and counting uploaded at this point. I'll keep plugging away when I have the time.

Check it out and spread the word far and wide. Send in emails, embed to your sites, do what ever you have to do to get these out there.

My other site is

Fellow truther,