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Does anyone in this community know about YouTube subscribers? I have been getting attention from several shows I did on my public access TV show, "Farther Down the Rabbit Hole" where I pointed out that at a hacker's conference last summer (HOPE) that Robert Steele who poses as an "ex" CIA agent is probably still one as he was so weak about the difference between LIHOP and MIHOP.

Some of my responses are positive and some negative. Upon reviewing the accounts of the various commentors to get to know them better and thus be better able to take in what they are saying I came across "ProfiteerinChief" (it was a favorite of a particularily puzzling commentor) "ProfiteerinChief" has an impressive "Bombshells Expose Bush" series that uses WWII style poster girls in a sensitive and rhymthic manner alongside all this ugly information about the no-bid contract stuff going on in Iraq. I wrote him, complimented his work, and received back a very nice response. Needless to say I was very flattered when I discovered he had subscribed to my channel (I have over 50 of my Manhattan Neighborhood Network Public Access TV shows up).

However upon looking at his channel (account) I was astonished that instead of the usual 20 or even 50 possibly 100 channels that he listens was an astonishing 5747!!!! I did n't feel so flattered anymore although I can't believe that in between watching all those channels he had any time to drop me the line he did let alone edit all the great stuff he puts out. I had been encouraging him to "Go Deeper" with his material and read Webster Tarpley.....

Pigeons vs. Goo-Tube

...But as the Goo-Tube model develops, behind each video will be a powerful connection to an ad, targeted to the user's online behavior, as well as the stealth collection of personal data. As Ross Levinsohn, president of Fox Interactive, noted about his company's acquisition of MySpace, "the digital gold inside of MySpace wasn't the number of users, but the information they're providing." [Google, it should be noted, now also represents the interests of Rupert Murdoch's US empire. In August Google became Fox's principal online advertising agent for MySpace, Fox TV and Fox Interactive.]

Given this emerging marketing model, the US broadband infrastructure may well become one giant "brandwashing" machine. The most powerful communications system ever developed by humans is increasingly being put in the service of selling, commercialization and commodification. And it will lead to an inherently conservative and narcissistic political culture, in which the interests of the self and the consumption of products are the primary, most visible, media messages. And unless we begin to challenge it now, the emerging digital culture will seriously challenge our ability to effectively communicate, inform and organize.

9/11 Vendetta -- You Tube

Archive: This video was first posted to YouTube on April 21, 2006. Links to several other 9/11 related videos also available.