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Blog entryJohnny Wendell Put 9-11 Truth on Air America Affiliate KTLK1150 for Another Hour on Monday, September 3rd Shumonik47 years 1 week ago
Blog entryHard Work of LA Truther Pays Off in Hour of 9-11 Truth Talk on Local Air America Affiliate KTLK-AM1150 Shumonik167 years 1 week ago
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Blog entryRichard Gage, Philadelphia organizers on Truth Jihad Radio Tonight Kevin Barrett77 years 7 weeks ago
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Blog entrySteve Alten talks with Kevin Barrett Friday Evening on GCN Radio AJFan27 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entryAnn Althouse Refuses Debate Proposal, Hurls More Insults Kevin Barrett157 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entryMainstream Paper Prints Four "Althouse, Debate Barrett!" Letters Kevin Barrett77 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entryMP3 Audio - Kevin Barrett Speaks With Luke Rudkowski AJFan07 years 37 weeks ago
Blog entry'9/11 Truther' : I may break voting record AJFan27 years 37 weeks ago
Blog entryEight-author paper (including 5 PhD's) pub'd in Journal of 9/11 Studies: Extremely High Temperatures during the WTC destruction ProfJones457 years 50 weeks ago
Blog entryMarch 26 - No Lies News Featuring Kevin Barrett AJFan08 years 49 weeks ago
Blog entryJustin Martell Questions White House Press Secretary Dana Perino on Bush Administration's Actions Regarding 9/11 Investigations jamartellxiv3510 years 30 weeks ago
Blog entryRep. Kind agrees to debate Barrett; Sly endorses Barrett; Barrett producing Air America Programming Galileo3010 years 42 weeks ago
Blog entryWeAreChange confronts Christie Todd Whitman Brian WeAreChange1810 years 44 weeks ago
Blog entryNova M DJ Mike Malloy takes on 9/11 (Audio) - 4.28.2008 AJFan310 years 46 weeks ago
Blog entryDr. Jones' Orem-Utah talk (June 24, 2007) available on video.google ProfJones2710 years 47 weeks ago
Blog entryExerpt from Between The Lines released - Steven Jones dust sequence Brett710 years 47 weeks ago
Blog entryPowerhouse Radio Lineup: Steve Alten, Lynn Margulis, Richard Falk, Carolyn Baker...Griffin & Ventura on Deck Kevin Barrett1811 years 11 weeks ago
Blog entryAlan L. Reiss and William R. Hall articles at 911Truthpedia.org Somebigguy111 years 17 weeks ago
Blog entryCynthia McKinney still running for President, and still supporting the 9/11 Truth Movement! Reprehensor911 years 17 weeks ago
Blog entryWilliam Pepper - An Act of State The Execution of MLK Reprehensor211 years 17 weeks ago
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