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Blog entryA peer-reviewer of the "Active Thermitic Materials" paper identifies himself... Great! ProfJones1237 years 24 weeks ago
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Blog entryAhmadinejad tells U.N. most blame U.S. government for 9/11 geoffritchey14311 years 2 weeks ago
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Blog entryRyan Mackey Offers Answer to Griffin's NIST Chapter Adam Syed2011 years 9 weeks ago
Blog entryNTSB data: Flight deck door remained closed on AA77: hijacking "impossible" bloggulator9211 years 27 weeks ago
Blog entryInternational Center for 9/11 Studies Secures Release of Thousands of Photos and Videos from NIST JGourley5311 years 30 weeks ago
Blog entryUS Recants Claims on "High-Value" Detainee Abu Zubaydah VeilLifter612 years 12 weeks ago
Blog entry15% believe in controlled demolition of WTC towers; 26% believe inside job: poll simuvac3912 years 14 weeks ago
Blog entryDavid Aaronovitch tells "9/11 conspiracy theory" is "the most baroque," slams David Ray Griffin simuvac1712 years 19 weeks ago
Blog entryFBI issues new Bin Laden photo simuvac2512 years 23 weeks ago
Blog entryObama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups By Daniel Tencer Raw Story Jan 13 Joe6812 years 23 weeks ago
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Blog entryThe “Post-9/11 World” Is A Detriment To Humanity Jon Gold1212 years 26 weeks ago
Blog entryFederal Judge in Germany: Numerous 9/11 Theories Screaming For Investigation Adam Syed1412 years 27 weeks ago
Blog entrySlate: The Obama administration has picked the worst possible case for its first torture trial simuvac812 years 27 weeks ago
Blog entryBBC: "Bin Laden 'seen in Afghanistan in early 2009'" simuvac2112 years 28 weeks ago
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Blog entryChange blindness: research and history how Americans are as blind to US fascism as Nazi-era Germans synergist612 years 28 weeks ago
Blog entryTwo groups of 'hijackers' arrested on September 13th 2001 arie312 years 28 weeks ago
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Blog entryGlenn Greenwald: "Fort Hood: A media orgy of rumors, speculation and falsehoods" simuvac1912 years 32 weeks ago
Blog entryFBI set to probe Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan's 9/11 links simuvac712 years 32 weeks ago
Blog entrySenator Lindsey Graham, giving comfort to the 9/11 Commission, is now in open denial of scientific proof of 9/11 treason Shumonik1812 years 36 weeks ago