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Blog entry"Restrepo, War and The Washington Post: Reflections of a Vociferous Conspiracy Theorist" by Anthony J. Hall Shumonik09 years 11 weeks ago
Blog entryProf. Anthony J. Hall exposes Sebastian Junger's "War" pitch as Obama-era Propaganda for the anti-Semitic 9/11 Terror Wars Shumonik129 years 11 weeks ago
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Blog entryAttorney General Holder Notified of Scientific Evidence of 9/11 Treason: Commission concluded Al-Qaeda behind the WTC "bombings" Shumonik49 years 40 weeks ago
Blog entryWeAreChangeLA facilitates scientific discourse on 9/11 nano-tech thermitic material w/ Gregg Roberts and Priya Vashishta Shumonik39 years 41 weeks ago
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Blog entryRep. Brad Sherman’s office admits explosives found in the World Trade Center dust –“…but not enough to bring down the towers." Shumonik279 years 45 weeks ago
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