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I'm a 911blogger since a few weeks already. Having written several mails to the admins with suggestions for improvements, but not yet having received an answer, I've to assume they are too busy currently with other stuff.

So I decided to just go ahead for a few days with one of my suggestions just on my own. That's why I created another identity: this "911timeliner" will start (daily?) postings of updated events from "The Complete 911 Timeline" as they are published there.

This is just a test, running for the next one or two weeks, to see what sort of additional publicity this may give either of us, 911blogger.com and cooperativeresearch.org.

I'm sure this thingie could be automated as well by the 911blogger admins, by somehow using an RDF or RSS feed as supplied by cooperativeresearch.org (this is what I had submitted in emailed suggestion to 911blogger).

Let's see how this goes if I do it "manually", and how other users like it (or not)....

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