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Hello, I'm Nate,
I stumbled into 9/11 research by accident really. I had been trying to search for video to compile my own tribute for personal use back in mid 2006, when I ran across a few articles on the World Trade Center "collapses" and some videos about them. At this point I really started to question what I knew. I proceeded to Paul Thompson's 9/11 Timeline, then it hit me that I really didn't know much of anything about September 11th, 2001. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. After this I kept collecting video material and just kept on reading.

I started a youtube channel highlighting some questions I have, and my own personal video research trying to find visual or audio proof of explosives at the World Trade Center began. That's how I got where I am now, and have been very fortunate to help some important people track down video sources for some well known projects. 2009 has been a busy year for me in my personal life, hence I've not been around much online, hopefully I can get back "on the ball" soon. I really enjoy helping others mostly, so if you happen to have a question about a 9/11 video, especially clips of the WTC's destruction, I'm your guy to find it or tell you where to. Just send me a message anytime. Thank you all very humbly for your continued support the last few years.

P.S. - Don't let the silly username throw you off, I've gone by Xenomorph for many years on the internet, mostly in the P2P realm, I'm a huge fan of the Alien film series, and it stuck I guess.

Aurora, Colorado