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Although I was born and raised in the UK I'm an American citizen - my mum was an American who came over to the UK to live. Not just because of this, I take a great interest in American issues, and like most people at first I was not aware of any other theory about 9/11 except the official one - that was all the BBC reported on. But I slowly became aware of people like Alex Jones and James Fetzer and their work intrigued and worried me. Could this really be true? I always hated the current administration but at first refused to admit the possibility of them being mass murderers. But as I delved further into research, it seemed more and more blatant, that a criminal element in the government had comitted this atrocious act of violence on its own people to further its political agenda. I'm now absolutely sure of it, and want to do all I can to ensure everyone learns of this as soon as possible, and to try and styme further false flag operations in whatever way possible.