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About Me

My name is Wayne.

I am member / organizer of Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth and of the Canadian Action Party. Founding member of Vancouver 9/11 Truth, and was the planner / organizer of the Vancouver 911 Truth Conference in 2007. I am also part of the 9/11 Partners for Peace initiative.

I'm a seeker / advocate of truth, freedom, peace and justice through "Civil Informationing" - not disruption or violence. BE the change you want to see. Not what someone else tells or expects you to be. YOU are the media. Forget the MSM!

I stand for a free, independent and democratic Canada. I oppose the SPP/NAU, NWO and Canada's role in the bogus worldwide War on Terror.

If you want your right to think and speak freely, please don't take away mine!

You may not agree with or like what i say, but i will ALWAYS tell you WHY i think what i think, and try to offer constructive criticisms or alternatives.

If you want me to listen to you, don't yell... articulate!

I do not make ad hominem attacks, nor shall i respond to them. Such are the methods of our enemies, not people on the same side.

I'm not interested in having fans, followers or being popular. I encourage others to think for themselves, and to get outside the boxes that others have made. Be part of the solution, not the problem.

I am free, I am me, doing it MY way. Hopefully you are too.

My motto: "It is great to want to do something, but doing nothing is better than doing harm. We owe it to ourselves and others to think before we act."

Fraser Valley, BC, Canada