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Brisbane Australia
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I was born in 1963. I work at a big metropolitan hospital in Brisbane.

From the moment I watched the 911 events unfold I knew there was something wrong with the picture presented. I got online and found myself searching for answers, which eventually led me to an in-depth critical examination of all the 911 stuff on the web, which took me at least a year. By late 2005 the horrible truth had pretty much fully dawned on me. I didn't want to believe it. I went over and over the evidence, but I always ended in the same place. Inside job, no question.

The 911 Truth movement is the most interesting political movement there has ever been. For the first time ever, the hidden powers are exposed. Their crimes are awful and demand every individual of conscience to do what he or she can to make others aware.

So every person who understands 911 Truth needs to spread awareness of the problems with the official story and take action for peace and justice. But each must do this in their own way, and there are many ways to help. I believe that the 911 Truth movement will eventually find many, many expressions through different sectors of our culture. This breadth will be the reason for its success, so let us therefore be tolerant of diversity.

I believe 911 Truth is the most pressing matter for humanity as a whole at this time, and I know we will win this fight.