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I happened upon my first 9/11 truth videos by accident, on Youtube. That was in October, 2006, I believe. Starting in mid-July, 2007, I began researching truth much more avidly, and broadened my studies as I became aware of the fact that lies, secrecy, corruption, and evil existed in realms well beyond the false-flag attacks in September, 2001. The globalist international elite have their hands in EVERYTHING of significance in our society.
I am a completely different person now; "awake," indeed. I practice activism mostly through my job as a teacher, which allows me to reach (and thus, free) so many different minds. I've probably logged over eight or nine hundred hours of truth-related study so far (as of December 1st, 2007).
I now, for the first time in my life, know what a true hero is. Michael Jordan, firefighters, Spiderman, Dad: these are not true examples of heroes. Here are some of my heroes:
Alex Jones
Steven Jones
Stephen Greer
Ron Paul
G. Edward Griffin
Cynthia McKinney
Hugo Chavez
Jon Pilger
Leonard Horowitz
Richard Gage
Sibel Edmonds
and the list keeps growing...