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I Made a mistake in 2001 I wanted to be anonymous and I trusted my Goverment in 2001 . Please contact me either by e mail or phone 760-450-6797 . I know it's 15 years to late and I am sorry ! please have Kristen contact me I've been trying to get story out since November 2015 . Tried to go thur my Congressman Darrel Issa and also main stream Media New's ! I've had numerous Conversations with 60 min and Kevin Tedesco then he stopped retuning call's . Your Smoking Gun right here with hand in air screaming come talk to me !!!! Media is no fucking help its pathetic . Where I have to get a blog or go to WikiLeaks To get true story told ! Story starts in Williamsport Little League World Series August 2001 Oceanside vs New York - then Harrisburg international airport - 9/11- West coast Saudi Royal family La Costa Spa and resort ! Please call I have what family's need and I would like to go into court and tell my story !

Oceanside ca .