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One of those whose gut feeling while watching Shrub give his initially live 9/11 speech (replaced by a different version later on whitehouse.gov - (if ANYONE has an ORIGINAL COPY from the day PLEASE contact me!) I initially wrote it off as paranoia until Paul Thompson's timeline showed me my gut feeling ought to be taken seriously. Later, I began to realise the proper focus to get the three I's - Impeachment/Indictment/Imprisonment - is to focus not on lack of planes, presence of missiles and controlled demolition, any of which MAY be true, but upon the mountains of evidence already absolutely proven - and unexplained - related to government action/INACTION regarding 9/11. Remember, ALL G.W. Bush and Co. would have had to have done to be COMPLICIT was know it was happening and deliberately not do anything. So many people have not heard about the standdown, about Able Danger, about the Pakistan connection and the Saudi connections. These things are liable to swerve minds even of the traditionally patriotic (I suggest, dear friends, please stop calling them the Radical Right, it compliments them far too much!) If more attention is paid to things that WILL stand up in court (like the stand DOWN of NORAD for instance) we could have our three I's. But time is short! Realise these people want apocalypse at any cost. Will your city be next?

San Francisco, CA USA