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I am a professional church musician. Personally I was not involved - thank God. However, it was a "before and after". I remember exactly where I was when I first got the news. My father died about a month after 911, so although not connected, I still think back to that time as a crossroads in my life, and I connect the Great Twins with the time of my childhood and my father (I was a school child in the seventies). Something has been happening this year which I find hard to explain. No-one told me about "Loose Change" or documentaries like this; I just felt compelled to start looking at the issue. The strange thing is, that I have a feeling that I am not alone. A lot of people seem to be doing the same thing - worldwide. Getting to the bottom of this means something to every human being in this world, and however unpallatable it seems this is only going to grow until we have acknowledged for us (or confessed perhaps) what we basically already have worked out for ourselves.